Ronaldo is expected to make his new club debut tonight! Al-Nassr FC has received the transfer certificate from Cristiano Ronaldo International, and there is no suspended punishment. Read the article

According to Kooora and other Saudi media, Al-Nassr FC has received Ronaldo’s international “pass”, without suspension.


The latest news is that Al-Nassr FC Club and SSC (Saudi Sports Company), the exclusive copyright owner of the Saudi League, have received the international transfer license of Ronaldo, and there is no player’s suspension punishment.

In addition, Al-Nassr FC will also obtain relevant financial certificates. According to Saudi Elaosboa, after receiving the international pass, Ronaldo can participate in the match against Eltaihar (23:00 on January 5, Beijing time).

Previously, the Daily Telegraph reported that according to FIFA rules, Ronaldo will continue to be suspended in the Saudi League, making his debut or playing in the friendly match against Paris on January 19.

Schedule of Al-Nassr FC in January

On January 5, Shachao: Victory vs Altay

January 15 Shachao: Riyadh Youth vs Victory

Friendship match on January 19: Saudi star team vs Paris

On January 21, Shachao: Victory vs Daman Yitifak

[Source: Nine School News Comprehensive Live Broadcast Bar, Migu Sports]

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