James the ticket winner! NBA All Star First Round Voting: Dooku tops the list Come on

On January 6, Beijing time, the NBA officially released the results of the first round of all star voting, led by LeBron James and Kevin Durant.

In the first round of voting, James won 3168694 votes, which was the king of votes in the first round of voting. In the east, Durant led the race, and his votes reached 3118545, not far behind James.

At present, the top three players in the western front court are James (3168694), Jokic (2237768) and Anthony Davis (2063325). The number of votes in Zion reached 1924222, which is very small compared with that in Shumei. Since then, many people have been far behind.

The top two players in the western backcourt are: Curry (2715520) and Dongqi (2388502). Except for the two, the gap between the western guards is very large.

The top three players in the eastern front court are Durant (3118545), Alphabet Brother (2998327) and Enbid (2226712). At the same time, the number of votes of Tatum reached 2178330, not far from that of Enbid. All but four people have been opened up.

The top two players in the eastern backcourt are Owen (2071715) and Mitchell (1637374). Haden ranked third with 1161593 votes, and Brown ranked fourth with 1032522 votes. They still have the hope of breaking into the top two.

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