NBA Story: The Green Army Ends the Lone Ranger’s 7 Consecutive Victory at Denver’s Home and Sinks the Clippers

Grizzly vs Magic

The Grizzlies can’t win the Magic when they are unstable away from home

American professional basketball league grizzly bear vs magic (+6.5)

Recommendation: the winner of the transfer

Grizzlies won four consecutive victories after easily defeating the Hornets in the last game, while their rival Denver Nuggets has lost. Grizzlies are currently ranked first and second in the western region, just like Denver Nuggets. Grizzlies’ recent momentum is quite good. With Bain’s recovery, the core team of Grizzlies is basically stable. In the game against the Hornets, Morant scored 23 points and 8 assists in just 27 minutes, and Bain scored 19 points and 11 rebounds in 26 minutes. In the next five games, Grizzlies’ opponents are ranked outside the top eight in the east and west, which means that Grizzlies have a good chance to win in the lead race.

Magic lost three consecutive games after defeating Thunder in the last game. This talented team had eight players scoring double points in this game, including No. 1 player Ben Kello 25+8+7 and Little Carter 13+13. In addition, there are also strong players such as Sargus, Isaac, Little Wagner and Okieki on the injury table. If Magic’s potential players develop well, Magic’s future is unlimited.

In this game, Magic got 6.5 points from their home court. Grizzlies have won four consecutive victories in recent years. Magic ended three consecutive defeats with the last victory over the Thunder. Grizzlies were better than others in terms of status and overall strength, but the initial 6.5 points were not high. Next, Grizzlies’ away game performance was not stable. They only won five of their last 10 away games, and it is understandable that Magic’s suspended state had declined before. The author is still optimistic about the magic win, and recommends the acceptance of the winner.

Celtic vs Lone Ranger

Stop falling and rebound, Celts end 7 consecutive wins of Lone Ranger

Celtic vs Lone Ranger (+1.5)

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The Celtics and Bucks have lost in a row recently. They lost the last game in the Denver Nuggets, the top player in the Western Conference. The last time they faced the reconstructed Thunder, the team with the seventh highest defensive efficiency in the league was scored 150 points by the Thunder. This game is also the most painful defeat of the Green Army this season. The next game is against Lone Ranger, who has won seven consecutive games. It is not easy for the Green Army to stop losing streak.

Although the lone ranger has won seven consecutive victories recently, the last two games against the last two Spurs and Rockets in the western region were both thrilling. The last time he faced the Spurs, he might be defeated by his opponent, and the second half against the Rockets was also a reversal game. However, with the loss of the Nets, the Lone Rangers’ seven consecutive wins are the longest in the league at present, and they also rose to the fourth position in the West relying on this wave of consecutive wins.

The game guessed that the Lone Ranger had received 1.5 points at home. The Lone Ranger had won seven consecutive victories recently, which was quite good, while the Celtics had suffered two consecutive defeats, especially 150 points from their opponents in the last game. Under such basic conditions, the Lone Ranger could not get the support of giving points. The author thinks that their winning streak may be ended, and recommends accepting the lead.

Jazz vs Rockets

Duel, 5 consecutive defeats for Jazz, 5 consecutive defeats for Rockets

NBA Jazz VS Rockets (+4.5)

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The Jazz suffered five consecutive defeats against the Kings in the last game, which also made the team that was the first in the West fall to the 10th in the West. However, despite five consecutive defeats, the Jazz are not in a bad state. They lost 4 points, 5 points, 1 point, 3 points and 2 points respectively in this wave of five consecutive defeats. It can be seen that they all regretted losing at the last moment, while Markanin’s final three points were ruled invalid because of overtime.

The recent performance of the Rockets can be said that the team performed badly, and the players did not play too well. With the last game losing to the Pelican, the Rockets suffered five consecutive defeats and firmly took the position of vice monitor of the western region. As the core of the team, Green has averaged only 31.8% in the last three games, contributing 17.3 points, 4 rebounds and 3.7 assists.

In this game, the Rockets got 4.5 points from their home court. Although the Jazz has suffered five consecutive defeats recently, they are not competitive. The Rockets have also suffered five consecutive defeats recently, but they have basically lost by a big score. The Jazz is still worth looking up under such a basic set, and it is recommended to accept the lead.

Clippers VS Nuggets

The Denver Nuggets sank the Clippers in a hot home

NBA Clippers vs Nuggets (- 5.5)

Recommendation: Let points win

The Clippers’ recent three consecutive defeats stopped the momentum of catching up with the first group. In the last away game, when they lost to the Heat, the absence of small card had a great impact on the team. George got 25 points and 7 assists this time, but was helpless. The rest of the players basically played poorly. Powell on the substitute side made one of eight shots. In the future, several of the Clippers’ opponents were strong, especially the Nuggets in the two games.

The Denver Nuggets failed to maintain their form against the six game losing Timberwolves last time. In this game, Jokic’s 24+7+9 performance was average, while Gordon’s 4 of 18 shots dragged down the team. Next, the Nuggets will return to their home court for the fourth consecutive match, but the four opponents are the Clippers, Cavaliers, Lakers and Suns.

In this game, the Denver Nuggets gave 5.5 points to the home court. The small card is expected to return after the last break, but George is not sure whether he can play because of hamstring problems; Although Denver lost the last game, it is still hot, and the home court has also maintained eight consecutive wins, so the author is more optimistic about Denver holding the home court. Recommend to let the points win.

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