Serie A replays the transfer of Ronaldo to Juventus to start a “new stage” of his career. Is that OK?

Cristiano Ronaldo (Ronaldo)’s new coach talked about his surprise when he looked at the room full of reporters. “Usually there are only three or four reporters after the game. I don’t know why today.”. Arnasser coach Rudy Garcia said at the press conference to introduce the superstar who signed with Saudi Arabia Club. Ronaldo’s arrival has brought a two and a half year contract. It is said that his annual salary is 320 million dollars, which is expected to bring unprecedented attention to Arnasser and the Saudi professional league.

Ronaldo has 528 million fans on his personal account than anyone else in the world, which has a good impact on Arnasser’s account. Since the signing of the contract was announced last week, the number of fans in this account has increased from 1.2 million to 8.9 million. Almuammar thinks the deal is worth it. One of the most surprising moves in football history has raised doubts about Ronaldo and Saudi Arabia’s motives. Some people accuse him of carrying out the so-called “sports money laundering” to improve the global reputation.

Saudi Arabia’s public investment fund took the lead in acquiring the English Premier League club Newcastle United in 2021. On Wednesday, the club’s manager, Eddie Howe, said that if C-Ronaldo was qualified for the next European Champions League, he could choose to lease him to an “unreal” season. There is also speculation that Saudi Arabia may bid to host the 2030 World Cup.

The signing of one of the greatest players of all time is another important step to improve the country’s influence on football. Ronaldo said that he was driven by the challenge of the new league and the change in the world’s view of Saudi football.

The following is Ronaldo’s career:

1. Sporting Lisbon (2002-03)

2. Manchester United (2003-09)

3. Real Madrid (2009-18)

He won the European Champions League in 2014, 16, 17 and 18, as well as two La Liga titles, and won more Golden Globes in 2013, 14, 16 and 17.

4. Juventus (2018-21)

5. Manchester United (2021-22)

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