Make trouble before settling the matter! Take stock of the players in the NBA’s five major stadiums: playing hard and fighting hard! Full of dry goods

There are a lot of physical contacts in basketball, and it is easy for players to have conflicts because of excessive body movements. In order to avoid suffering heavy losses in the conflict, many teams will leave tough players in the team, who dare to stand up and fight in the conflict. People call such players players on the court. This article makes an inventory of the top five players in the NBA.

Fifth: Lagabel

Bell participated in the draft contest in 1999. His athletic ability was not very good. He was not liked by a team. After falling behind, Bell was signed by the Spurs, but the Spurs did not give him a chance to play. Bell sat on the bench for a long time. In 2001, Bell signed an agreement with 76 people, and finally got a chance to play. Every time he played, Bell tried his best to play. He played very well and tenaciously on the defensive end, Positively, Bell’s performance is getting better and better, and Bell also has a foothold in the NBA.

After playing for several seasons, Bell not only showed excellent defensive performance, but also made a more accurate three-point shot. He was favored by the Suns and signed the biggest contract in his career. Among the Suns’ perimeter players, there are not many with strong defensive ability. Bell has become a mainstay, and also a player who can come forward when the team breaks out of conflict. Bell is not a provocative player, but he will not only suffer from grievances. In the confrontation with Kobe, Kobe hit Bell with his elbow, which the referee did not say, and Bell was also dissatisfied with the following call. Bell chose to respond directly to Kobe, using a similar throat locking action to directly knock down Kobe. Because of this action, Bell was called “Kobe Terminator”.

Fourth: Barnes

Barnes was the second round show in 2002. Although he was selected, he was fired without playing a game. After that, Barnes signed a contract with the Sonics. Soon after that, he was fired again. In 2004, Barnes signed a contract with the Clippers and finally played the ball. But soon, Barnes had no ball to play. At this time, the Warriors found him and thought he could play well in the Warriors. Barnes was also willing to play for the Warriors, The two sides hit it off, and Barnes was reborn in the Warriors.

Barnes has a strong body and a very tough style of play. When defending, he is good at confronting opponents, which makes them uncomfortable. When the team conflicts, Barnes is the leading role. He often acts for his teammates and protects them. He fights with his opponents like a thug. Barnes is a jerk to his opponents, but Barnes’ teammates like him very much and admire him. Griffin, who once had a relationship with Barnes, After being a teammate with Barnes, he changed his attitude and became friends with Barnes.

Third: Bruce Bowen

Bowen, who finished college and only participated in the NBA draft, was of average talent, weak ability and little potential. He naturally lost the election. In order to play, Bowen left the NBA and went to other leagues. After being honed by professional leagues, Bowen’s ability became stronger. He was hit by the heat and entered the NBA, but everything had to start from scratch, relying on excellent defensive performance and fierce style of play, Bowen took his place in the Heat.

In 2001, Bowen joined the Spurs. At that time, Bowen had a strong defensive ability, but Bowen had too many small movements. In addition to the common small movements such as pushing and elbowing, Bowen also stepped on the foot. This movement was very bad and hurt the defenders very much. Bowen also used his foot to directly kick his opponent’s head, which was completely beyond the scope of basketball. Bowen not only played basketball on the court, It’s not too much to call Bowen a court player.

Second: Oakley

Oakley is 2.03 meters tall. He is not a top player when playing as a forward on the court. However, Oakley has a lot of muscle and muscle. He can fight well. He often walks around the inside and grabs rebounds with his opponents. The effect is very good. When Oakley comes on the court, the team’s rebounds are guaranteed. In addition to his strong rebounding ability, Oakley’s defense is also very characteristic and powerful, Oakley seldom suffers losses when he confronts his opponents. Oakley also likes to play hard with his opponents. Many players who can’t resist Oakley also often avoid confrontation with Oakley. Oakley has strong ability, but what impressed people most is his fierce style of play.

In the NBA in the 1990s, the confrontation was very fierce and the referees’ call and punishment scale was relatively large, which made Oakley very happy. In the competition with his opponents, he would use his elbow to open the way and harass them with small movements, making the basketball game a little like a fight game. Therefore, some people said Oakley was like a free fighter. When his teammates are bullied, Oakley will step forward and rush to the opponent with his fist. When the Bulls are bullied, Oakley mainly protects Jordan from being bullied. Therefore, Oakley also has the nickname of “Jordan Bodyguard”. When Oakley is sent away by the Bulls, Jordan is also furious with the management. From this, we can see how good Oakley is to Jordan.

First: Mahong

Ma Hong was the No. 35 show of the 80 year draft contest. He was 2.08 meters tall. He was tall, muscular, and powerful. He played very hard. Under the basket, Ma Hong was very competitive. He was always tireless to catch up with his opponents, grab rebounds, and deform their movements. It was very uncomfortable to play with Ma Hong. Even if he could knock Ma Hong out, it was hard to feel pleasure. He would always fight with his opponents. It was Ma Hong’s belief in playing, Besides playing, Mahong is also the first player of the team.

Mahong became famous in the Pistons and became a member of the “bad boy corps”. In terms of performance, Mahong was the worst child. He was a synonym for violence. Whenever the team and the opponent had a gunpowder attack, Mahong would be ready to fight with the opponent. When the real fight started, Mahong would never retreat. He must rush forward and fight with the opponent. Mahong was strong and not afraid of pain, The “bad boy corps” can make people feel terrible. That is, because of the existence of Mahon, after Mahon left the Pistons, the power of the “bad boy corps” decreased, not as fierce as before.

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