Messi overwhelms Cristiano: 10 million euros in just a few days! 30 million fans have learned

Messi won the World Cup and Ronaldo went to Saudi Arabia for retirement — the last few days of 2022 will end in a magical way. On January 5, Spanish Radio 4 wrote that with Messi becoming the world champion and Cristiano Ronaldo leaving the top league, the gap between “peerless pride” was widening. Even in terms of commercial and social media influence, Messi also overtook Cristiano Ronaldo.

35 goals and 30 assists, World Cup champion, World Cup MVP, IFFHS World Player of the Year… Messi, 35 years old, has spent a fantastic 2022. In contrast, Ronaldo is bleak: he broke off with Manchester United and performed poorly. Although he received an annual salary of $200 million in Al-Nassr FC victory, he was completely left behind by Messi.

In terms of athletic achievements, Messi’s competition with Cristiano Ronaldo has been concluded: Messi has been crowned the “king of football” and is higher than Cristiano Ronaldo. Spanish Radio 4 pointed out with data and facts that Ronaldo’s commercial value and social media influence were also surpassed by Messi.

Just a few days after winning the World Cup, Messi publicized Budweiser Beer, Football Game Company, Gatorade, Orcam and other brands.These endorsements and publicity can bring Messi about 10 million euros!

After winning the World Cup, Messi made a speech on INS and uploaded a photo of himself holding the World Cup (it turned out that it was a fake World Cup), which attracted world-class attention. More than 74 million likes were made, creating a record of likes for a single piece of INS content, and far away from the “egg photo” ranking second (56 million likes).

Although in terms of the total number of fans of INS, Luo is still the first in the world, with a total of 529 million fans; Messi’s INS fans totaled 415 million, ranking third. However, Messi’s inflation rate is far higher than that of Ronaldo. According to statistics, in the past month,Messi has gained 30 million fans, which is naturally due to his dominant performance during the World Cup; C Luozhang Powder 19 millionMany of them are new fans brought by the victory of the transfer to Al-Nassr FC.

Messi and Cristiano chose different paths. After returning to Paris Saint Germain, team-mates, coaches and staff lined up and applauded Messi. The 35 year old football king admitted that he was “very happy”. Next, Messi will fight for the Champions League. Ronaldo said goodbye to European football. The number of goals in the Champions League remains at 140, which is likely to be surpassed by Messi.

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