NBA recommendation analysis: The lone ranger vs Celtic NBA can do this

  Lone ranger

You don’t need me to tell you how crazy Lukadoncic is this season, but I will focus my analysis on one aspect of his game. According to the data of, Dongqi easily leads the league in the average score of singles this season, which may be the least surprising news you have heard all day, with an average score of 9.0. Only James Harden is even within the range (8.1). The Embid is 6.9, and the Shai Gilgeous Alexander is 6.2. No one else exceeds 6.0. In fact, Dongqi has 9 points more than all the other teams except the four teams. However, Dongqi relies on it, and he is also very efficient. He gets 1.16 points per single game, which is far higher than the average level of the league. Therefore, the Mavericks ranked the third in the league in terms of average score in singles field easily, and the third in the league in terms of average score in singles field. Contrary to the Celtics, as mentioned above, the Celtics scored the most in singles in each game, and ranked seventh from the bottom in terms of singles scores in each game, which is very suitable for the Mavericks.


The Celtics found themselves in an interesting position. They can be said to be in the best health condition in the whole season (the only player who missed the last game is Danilo Gallinari, who will miss the whole season), but also involved in the worst period of the season, two consecutive defeats and their seven years in the past 12 years. Their latest game let the Thunder team lose 150 (!!!) points, which is the highest score in Boston since 1979. Ironically, in this difficult period, attack is the culprit. Those three-point shots that cannot be missed in the first two months have rebounded less friendly in the past month. Before the decisive game held in San Francisco on December 10, the Celtics hit 40% of their 3-point shooting rate. Since then, their shooting percentage has reached 31.1% – the third lowest in the NBA during that period. Now, Boston actually returned to Earth even before the Warriors game, but that game formed a convenient dividing line.

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