A friend admitted that Ronaldo had received an offer and refused to go to a lower level league because there was no need to prove it? For money! Don’t tell anyone

Ronaldo has recently transferred from the European League to the Asian League. According to the schedule, he may play in tomorrow’s match. Recently, Ronaldo announced that teams from Europe, the Premier League, the United States and Brazil had contacted Ronaldo and hoped that he would go to training and sign a contract. However, Ronaldo thought that he did not need to prove the honor he had already proved, so he chose to join the Saudi Premier League team Al-Nassr FC Victory Team. However, if we think about it carefully, we will find that in fact, Ronaldo joined the Saudi Super Team to pay for his mistakes at Manchester United, which is a last resort.

In this season, Ronaldo is 37 years old, and his age is getting older, so his state will inevitably decline. Especially for Ronaldo, a player whose main characteristics are speed, lateral breakthrough and middle impact, once he is over 32 years old, the situation may decline every year. What’s more, without systematic physical reserves and pre-season joint training this season, Ronaldo’s state of decline is even more inevitable. In this case, Cristiano Ronaldo still believes that he can play as a main player in the Champions League. This confidence is blind and arrogant, and it is an overestimation of his own position.

Before the World Cup, we broke face with the club, and the performance of the World Cup could not support our ambition

Ronaldo’s biggest mistake was to interview Morgan without permission before the World Cup, and he also blew his anger at his old club Manchester United. He didn’t want to play in the Europa League, but he finally let himself not play in the Europa League. As for his performance in the World Cup, he could not support his ambition by opening high and walking low. In fact, when Portugal was defeated by Morocco, he lost the chance to continue to be a substitute in the five major European leagues.

The Portuguese Premier League may have a chance, but Ronaldo wants more than just a chance to play

If Ronaldo didn’t lie, maybe there would be a Portuguese Premier League or some European second tier league that needed him. For example, Porto has even been rumored to offer a weekly salary of 80000 pounds. But on the one hand, the money is too little, and Ronaldo is not interested in it. On the other hand, it is difficult for Porto or the teams in the second tier league to continue playing in the Champions League. There are not many games left for Ronaldo to break his scoring record in the Champions League. Ronaldo needs a team with the strength of the top four in the Champions League, which can also explain why Ronaldo can join Real Madrid with a base salary, or even without a salary, but he is not willing to join the team in the second tier league with a low salary. In a word, what he needs is a goal record and a championship honor. The president doesn’t like the clubs that can’t give them these.

If you can’t continue to expand the record, make more money

So now Ronaldo can only choose to go to Asia to seek gold. In Asian football, maybe he can kill all sides and win the championship. If he can win the championship with the team, it may also be a consolation for his thirst for honor. For Cristiano Ronaldo, he can only accept the reality. Since he can’t play in the Champions League anymore, he might as well make more money. Maybe a high salary can also let him prove his value and put him under the spotlight.

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