The NBA beauty Mingji Barbecue Sister took a photo and ate Barbecue with Karon Butler. This figure is extremely hot

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When it comes to the NBA, many people will pay attention to many relevant people, such as beautiful anchors, such as beautiful journalists. These are very natural things. Because sports and beauty are often combined. There is no suspense about this. Similarly, among the beautiful anchors, the attention and popularity of Meina, Xiaoqi, Guoguo, Xueer and other anchors are also extremely high.


AndAmong the beautiful journalists, the popularity of Barbecue Sister and Zhang Manyuan is also high. For an industry, it is always able to bring popularity and bring out some public figures. The Barbecue Sister has been concerned since then. Today, she is also very popular. In the same way, she felt a little public awareness.


Recently, for Barbecue Sister, it is also the first time in a long time to show her photos. Barbecue Sister was once a famous NBA beauty reporter. Similarly, she became friends with many NBA players with her professional knowledge and high EQ. Among them, the most concerned one should be Lillard. This can be perceived from the lines of Sister Barbecue.


That is, the relationship between the two people should be relatively good, which also proves Lillard’s character and the EQ of Sister Barbecue. Otherwise, I’m afraid it’s still difficult to make good friends with these billionaire players. In addition, for Sister Barbecue, his relationship with athletes like Kuzma is also very good. These can be dynamically perceived from the social media of BBQ Sister.


  In this photo, Barbecue Sister said: “After watching the game, I will eat Korean Barbecue. Don’t tell me I am fat.” In fact, if Barbecue Sister didn’t tell me, many people didn’t notice that she was fat, because she was not so fat. Moreover, because her height is OK, she seems to have temperament. However, when she said this herself, for fans, she also looked carefully, and found that Sister Barbecue had really become fat and white.


The Barbecue Sister herself admitted this. Of course, in the photo of eating barbecue, I believe many people also saw a former NBA player, who was Caron Butler, one of the three former wizards. Such photos also reveal the social skills of Barbecue Sister once again, which is not generally strong, but really strong. For Chinese journalists, it seems that there is no other person who can reach such a high level, except Barbecue Sister. In fact, excellent journalists should be social activists, which should be no surprise.

  The NBA beauty Mingji Barbecue Sister took a photo and ate Barbecue with Karon Butler. She was very slim. Similarly, the Barbecue Sister in the photo, her personal figure, is also very good. Such talent is also enviable. It can be said that we may vote for the most beautiful NBA reporter.

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