Georgina is becoming more and more like Kardashian! C Luo’s girlfriend used to be very pure, but now she takes an alternative route to hard core recommendation

Georgina is becoming more and more like Kardashian! C Luo’s girlfriend used to be pure, but now she has taken an alternative route



Thursday, January 5, 2023, Beijing time. This time Ronaldo left the European continent, came to the Asian League and joined Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. His girlfriend Georgina followed along with the children. I have to say that Georgina today has a very different style from that of the past. She looks more and more like Kardashian. The feeling of purity in those days has disappeared.



Georgina was born in 1994, nine years younger than Luo. She was born in Argentina and has dual nationality of Argentina and Spain. Georgina came from a poor family, and later learned ballet at school. A few years before 2016, Georgina mainly worked as a waiter in a famous brand store in Madrid.

By chance, Georgina worked overtime for other employees, but Luo came to visit. The first time we met, we liked each other, but there was no spark of love. After that, Georgina met Luo in the activity again. She is good at seizing the opportunity to act decisively, and Luo was also in the empty window of love at that time, so they fell in love. At that time, Georgina still went to work by bus, and occasionally went on a date in the sports car of Luo.




At that time, Georgina also had many photos, which looked very simple, thin and polite. Since 2017, Georgina has become the real girlfriend of Luo, and her position has gradually stabilized. Georgina is very kind and can get along with children. During that period, Georgina accompanied Cristiano Ronaldo through difficulties, whether during the Real Madrid World Cup or the Russian World Cup, or later when he joined Juventus, and Cristiano has become increasingly dependent on Georgina.



Georgina’s dress since then has deviated from the original route. More and more precious, and the body is also moving towards the direction of “strong”. During the Qatar World Cup, Georgina has become more and more elegant when she comes to Saudi Arabia. No wonder some fans feel that Ronaldo’s girlfriend is already an alternative version of Kardashian.

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