Mbape goes to watch NBA games? Galti: He wants to return to the team as soon as possible. He’s still at the beginning of the season. He can’t believe it

On January 5, at 4:00 a.m. Beijing time on January 7, the 9th round of the French Cup will be played by Paris Saint Germain against France C’s Chateau. Paris Saint Germain coach Garti attended the pre match press conference.

About Navas

“Navas will play tomorrow. He has a rest of about 10 days after returning to the team, and looks for the rhythm of the game through personal training.”

About Messi

   “Messi participated in the training yesterday and today, and we are making sure that he can get ready for the next game. We will evaluate Messi’s condition and hope that he can play in the next game. All the players celebrated Messi in the training center, which moved Messi. As for whether we will hold a celebration for him in the next home game, let’s wait and see. Messi did not ask for this, nor did it But I hope the fans can celebrate for Messi. There is no reason not to celebrate. “

About team status

“The French Cup is an important trophy for any club. After losing to Lens, we quickly resumed our training. Due to the World Cup and injury stoppage, we may still have some players absent from the next game. I hope the number of injured will be less and less, but I am also glad that this situation has made more room for young players. Tomorrow we will send a strong team.”

About Neymar

“Neymar’s absence on Friday was carried out as planned. Like all the players participating in the World Cup, we decided to let him rest on Friday and continue to treat his severely sprained ankle. I am not worried about Neymar’s mentality. He is very serious. He wants to participate in the first two games, but unfortunately he was suspended. He is very committed, just like the first half of the season.”

About young players

   “As I said before, because of the injuries of some players, young players have more opportunities, and they need such opportunities to grow. We must win this game, and we need a victory to get rid of the huge disappointment brought by the loss to Lens. In the game against Shattru, some young players will start or get more playing time. We have many talented young players, and they need such a Space. “

About Mbape

   “Mbape went to the United States to watch NBA games? This does not happen very often. We must think like this: It’s good that Mbape played for the French team and for Paris Saint Germain. He did not change because of this. He wants to return to the team to participate in the game as soon as possible. I think he is a very smart guy and can impress people in a very short time. Now he must realize that people’s expectations of him and the way they view him have changed, which is not It should be a kind of pressure, and Mbape can also bear the pressure. The Mbape we see every day has never changed, just like at the beginning of the season. “

On Defensive Problems

“We are trying to correct the mistakes we made. In the game against Lens, we lost the ball in the first 3-5 minutes of the game, and then we recovered a goal in 2 minutes, but we failed to keep alert to Lens and were punished for it. We must ensure that the attack and defense are more balanced and take appropriate risks.”

Traps to avoid against Saudi Arabia

“Shatru is training seriously every day. They are professional teams. They will certainly be ready for this game. Their players are fast and good at using speed to strike in depth. We must be mentally prepared. They will fight at home and will have more fans to support them. For their players, this game may be the most important one this season.”

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