NBA Synthesis: 12 consecutive wins of the Nets ended. Pistons’ “top kill” Warriors don’t tell anyone

Xinhua News Agency, Washington, January 4 In the 2022-2023 NBA regular season on the 4th, the Brooklyn Basketball Nets lost to the Chicago Bulls 112-121 away, ending their 12 consecutive victories. The Detroit Pistons beat the Golden State Warriors with the last second’s “kill” three-point shot.

The Bulls won the day thanks to the “all hands”. Six of the team scored in double figures, with Drozan and Patrick Williams scoring 22 points each. Vucevic scored 21 points and 13 rebounds. Durant of the Nets scored 44 points alone, but Owen, another star of the team, did not perform well. Only one of the eight 3-point shots scored 25 points.

Durant scored 28 points in the first half, but the Nets were still 10 points behind at halftime. The Bulls only scored 19 points in the third quarter with poor hand feeling. The Nets seized the opportunity to narrow the difference to 3 points. In the fourth quarter, the Bulls took advantage of Durant’s off court rest to play an 8:0 climax to expand their lead, and then won the game steadily.

“Their best two players (De Rozan and Lavin) scored 35 points in total, which we can bear, but Patrick Williams got too many opportunities to shoot in the open,” Durant said after the game.

The Golden State Warriors lost 119-122 at home to the Detroit Pistons that day, ending their five straight wins. The last three seconds of the game were ups and downs. When Clay Thompson hit the three-point ball and pulled the score to 119 for the Warriors, there was only one second left in the game. The Warriors’ home fans were looking forward to the extra time, but Sadiq Bay scored a three pointer to win the game for the Pistons.

Sadik Beppen scored 17 points and Boyang scored the highest 29 points of the Pistons. Thompson and Poole scored 30 and 24 points respectively for the Warriors.

In other matches of the day, the Memphis Grizzlies defeated Charlotte Hornets 131:107, the Cleveland Cavaliers 90:88 narrowly defeated the Phoenix Suns, the Orlando Magic 126:115 defeated the Oklahoma Thunder, the Indiana Pacers 126:129 lost to the Philadelphia 76ers, the New York Knicks 117:114 defeated the San Antonio Spurs, and the Milwaukee Bucks 104:101 narrowly defeated the Toronto Raptors, The New Orleans Pelicans won the Houston Rockets at 119:108, the Portland Trailblazers lost 106:113 to the Minnesota Timberwolves, the Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Miami Heat at 112:109, and the Sacramento Kings lost 117:120 to the Atlanta Hawks. (End)


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