Who will be pushed out by Ronaldo? The second shooter of Al-Nassr FC’s victory was not convinced: my goal in the World Cup was more than that of Ronaldo

At 23:00 on January 5, Beijing time, the long-awaited debut of the CSL Saudi Arabia Super League did not arrive as scheduled. The 12th round Al-Nassr FC victory of the CSL Saudi Arabia Super League against Tay at home was postponed for 24 hours, that is, at 23:00 on January 6, Beijing time.


Ronaldo is not suspended or injured, but registered.

On the evening of January 5, Beijing time, Arab media said that Ronaldo had not completed his registration in Al-Nassr FC and was unable to participate in the official competition on behalf of Al-Nassr FC Victory.

The regulations of the Saudi League are that there can only be 8 foreign aid at most. Before Ronaldo came, there had been 8 foreign aid in Al-Nassr FC’s victory.

Now, no matter whether it is for sale or termination, one of the eight former foreign aid companies must leave to register with Ronaldo.


After the Al-Nassr FC official announced the signing of Ronaldo, he defeated Saihart Bay 1-0 away in the 11th round of the Saudi Super League. He won 8, drew 2 and lost 26 points in the 11th game, ranking first in the Saudi Super League, one point ahead of Riyadh Crescent and Riyadh Youth. In the 12th round, Riyadh lost 2-1 away to Mecca Unification, which is good news for Al-Nassr FC’s victory. Although Riyadh Xinyue defeated Jeddah United 1-0 away, it was still 1 point behind Al-Nassr FC in one more round. If the Al-Nassr FC can beat Tay at home, the lead in the championship will be extended to 4 points.

With excellent record, the new top scorer in football history, Ronaldo, won the championship in Al-Nassr FC only in the morning and evening. It is a sure thing to return to the championship in 2023-24. The Chinese Super League team will also have the opportunity to compete with Ronaldo.

The achievement of the Al-Nassr FC is inseparable from the contributions of several of the eight major foreign aid agencies. For example, the Chinese fans are very familiar with Taliska, who currently leads the Saudi Arabia super shooter list with 9 goals.


In the summer of 2018, Taliska joined Guangzhou Evergrande and transferred to Al-Nassr FC Victory in the summer of 2021. During his time in Guangzhou, Taliska scored 39 goals in 65 games and had 13 assists, which was an important contributor for Guangzhou Evergrande to win the CSL championship in 2019. Such a fierce person will not be expelled, but will stay and become a good helper of Ronaldo.

The most likely position for C Rotem is Abu Bakar, who is also familiar to Chinese fans. At present, he is the second shooter in the Al-Nassr FC team with 4 goals and Gustavo. This guy is already 30 years old. He still plays as a center. You play as a center. What is Ronaldo doing now, who is used to playing as a center?

Before Ronaldo came, there was a rumor that Abu Bakar had left the team.

However, Abu Bakar must be unconvinced by the way of C Rojang. In the 2022 World Cup, Abubakar played three group matches on behalf of Cameroon, including one first round, contributing two goals and one assists. Cristiano Ronaldo has played five times in the 2022 World Cup, including three starts, scoring only one goal and also taking a penalty kick.


The lost mulberry elm is in the east corner! Leaving Al-Nassr FC for victory is not necessarily a bad thing for Abubakar. According to the British media, Manchester United are interested in bringing in Abu Bakar on loan at the winter window. To play in the five leagues and the European Union, or even the Champions League next season, is a dream of Ronaldo.

Abu Bakar can’t play now because he is injured. The game was postponed for 24 hours, which is likely to be the time reserved by the Al-Nassr FC for Abubakar to leave the team and complete the registration of Ronaldo.

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