NBA Evening News: Poole has made 49 mistakes in 10 battles, and the Bulls are specialized in playing elite. Does Little Porter claim to have learned from the leader

Hello, friends who follow the NBA! Today, the league has arranged 12 games, and the final difference of 7 games is within 3 points. Clay hit a three point equaliser at the last moment, but Sadiq Bay succeeded in the last second, and the Warriors lost to the Pistons by three points at home. Allen hit the key three points in extra time to lock the victory for the Bucks. Brother Alphabet scored 30 points, 21 rebounds and 10 assists. The Bucks narrowly defeated the Raptors with 3 points. The Spurs and the Knicks played to the last moment, and the Spurs were defeated by 3 points in violation of the rule in the final shot service. With Harden’s cover at the last moment of overtime, the 76ers narrowly defeated the Pacers by 3 points, and Harden got 26 points, 6 rebounds and 8 assists. Murray scored 4 points in a row at the critical moment, Fox was unable to kill, and the Hawk narrowly defeated the King by 3 points. Williams scored 2 points at the critical moment, and the Heat were tied by three points. The Lakers narrowly defeated the Heat by three points. Mobley hit the key mid shot, Joe missed the winner, and the Cavaliers narrowly beat the Suns by 2 points, giving the Suns 4 consecutive defeats. Today’s game is very exciting, but the evening news is also worth paying attention to:

1、Bulls specialize in elite

Bulls defeated the Nets by 121-112, ending the Nets’ 12 consecutive victories. According to statistics, the Bulls have won 8-1 against the Celtics, Bucks, the Nets and the Heat this season.

2、Brother Alphabet’s recent status has become popular

The Bucks defeated the Raptors by 104-101 extra time away. Brother Zizi played for 40 minutes. He made 7 of 18 shots and got 30 points, 21 rebounds, 10 assists and 1 cover from 15 of 21 free throws. At the same time, he made 12 mistakes.

In the last five games, Brother Alphabet has scored 200+points, 80+rebounds and 30+assists, becoming the first player in the NBA to obtain this data in the five game interval since Abdul Jabbar in 1972.

3. Enbid commented on the Raptor Buck competition

In the final stage of the Raptors Bucks game, the Raptors chased 16 points in 2 minutes to bring the game into overtime. Enbid tweeted: The match between Raptors and Bucks is really stupid. It doesn’t make sense at all. I’m laughing to death.

4. Little Porter Claims to Be a Leader

The Rockets lost 108-119 to the Pelican in the game. Porter started 31 minutes, hit 4 in 11, contributed 11 points, 3 rebounds, 5 assists and 1 steals. He said that, as a leader and as the point guard of this team, I have to make sure that we are ready and play in the right way. I didn’t do that today, and the responsibility lies with me. I’m the master. I didn’t come out with the right energy, and my teammates were infected.

5、Dongqi Talks about James

When asked about the probability that someone will catch up with James on the total score in the future, Dongqi said that it is always possible, but it will be difficult. You need a guy who has fought for 20 years and how well he maintains his body. I’m just talking about his qualities other than basketball skills. It’s hard to maintain such a physical state. If you ask me, I can’t do it, because I won’t play that long. I can’t.

It’s amazing to watch him play. I said that this is his 20th season, and his performance. He scores 30 points and 40 points almost every night, which is incredible. We rarely see such things.

6、James watched the game and continued to tweet

The Lakers played against the Heat at home, and James was absent due to illness. However, he continued to tweet roast during the watch.

In response to a referee dispute, James wrote: Damn, it was an offensive foul! ‍ ♂️。

After Schroeder hit the key layup, James wrote: Menance! (Note: James gave Schroeder the nickname).

7. The score difference of 7 games is within 3 points

In 7 of the 12 matches today, the final score difference was within 3 points. They are: 88-90 Cavaliers of the Sun, 126-129 Pacers losing to 76, 114-117 Knicks of the Spurs, 104-101 Raptors of the Bucks, 109-112 Lakers of the Heat, 120-117 Kings of the Hawks, 122-119 Warriors of the Pistons.

According to statistics, this is the first appearance of the NBA since January 27, 2008.

8. The reporter roast about Poole

The Warriors lost to the Pistons 119-122 at home today. Poole made a fatal error in the last 6 seconds and was snatched by Berks. Poole made three mistakes in this game, and he made 49 mistakes in the past 10 games.

Spears tweeted: Poole’s offensive talent is amazing, and his mistakes are also amazing.

9. Harden proved himself at the last moment

76 defeated the walkers by 129-126. Harden made 8 of 20 shots in 42 minutes, including 2 of 8 3-pointers and 8 of 10 free throws. He got 26 points, 6 rebounds, 8 assists, 1 steals 2 blocks.

Harden said that at the end of the game, the walkers tried to let Halliburton attack themselves in pick and roll. Then I must stand out and guard him.

10. Gasol praised the Lakers

The Lakers narrowly defeated the Heat at home 112-109, ushering in three consecutive victories. Gasol tweeted: Tonight is the best victory for the Lakers this season, and the whole team has made incredible efforts!

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