Sports World Continuously Watched Man City’s 1-0 Slim Victory over Chelsea, Ronaldo Al-Nassr FC’s First Show Delayed Incredibly

The sports world keeps watching, and the daily sports news has long been known! This is the latest sports news I collected for you today.

[Premier League] Pillar Rescue Mahres Substitute Wins Man City 1-0 Chelsea Still Second

Mahres breaks the door

At 4:00 am on January 6, Beijing time, in the 19th round of the 2022-23 Premier League, Chelsea played Manchester City at Stamford Bridge. In the first half, Sterling and Prisic were injured and retired, and Chuk Umeka was in the middle post; In the second half, Aker hit the middle of the box, Macheres made a great contribution as a substitute, Chelsea 0-1 Manchester City, and the league was unbeaten in the last two rounds.

Official: 32 year old Brind joined Bayern on a free transfer and signed a contract for half a season

According to the official news, Brind joined Bayern on a free transfer and the two sides signed a contract for half a season. Brind is 32 years old and comes from the Ajax youth training system. In 2014, Brind transferred to Manchester United. After four years of playing for the Red Devils, Brind returned to Ajax. In December 2022, Ajax will terminate the contract with Brind. Brind made 333 appearances for Ajax’s first team and scored 13 goals. He scored six goals in 141 appearances for Manchester United. Sally said about Brind’s joining: “We are very happy that Brind has joined our team. He is an all-round defender who can play on the left or in the middle. He has rich experience in competitions and leadership. I believe he will help us.”

Official: French centre back Badia Shearer joined Chelsea and signed a contract for seven and a half years

Chelsea officially announced that the 21 year old French centre back Badia Shearer has joined. According to Chelsea’s announcement, the two sides signed a contract for seven and a half years. According to previous media reports, Badiahil’s transfer fee can reach as high as 38 million euros, and the two sides will sign a contract until 2029.

Ronaldo’s debut was postponed, and the Al-Nassr FC match was postponed

The Al-Nassr FC Club officially announced that the league match between Al-Nassr FC and Tay, originally scheduled to be held at 23:00 on January 5, Beijing time, would be postponed. The club announced that due to the power system failure caused by rainfall, the stadium could not play normally. If the repair progress is normal, the race will be held on this Friday. Ronaldo may make his debut after joining Al-Nassr FC in this game.

Marca: Ronaldo hopes that Al-Nassr FC can invite his old teammate Pepe to join him

Pictorial Vision China

According to Marca, in the first dialogue between Ronaldo and Al-Nassr FC, Ronaldo expressed his hope that the club would also invite Pepe to join. Pepe will turn 40 in February, but he still maintains an excellent competitive state. He has become the leader of Portugal’s defence in the World Cup. The player currently plays for Porto. In addition, Marca said that Al-Nassr FC was interested in introducing Ramos next summer and signing Modric in 2024.

Paris coach: Messi will not play in the next match

Messi’s Training and Preparation Map Visual China

There will be a French Cup match in Paris Saint Germain tomorrow. At the pre match press conference, Paris coach Garzet confirmed, “It is obvious that Messi will not play tomorrow. We believe he will be ready for the next game, and then we will observe his situation in training.” Messi returned to Paris Saint Germain yesterday to report for duty and resume training. When asked if he would hold a celebration for Messi, who has fulfilled his dream of the World Cup, at home, Galje said, “Let’s see when his next game will be. We have not received such a request (to hold a celebration), and there is no need to do so.”


● Wa Dao: Luo’s decision to go to Saudi Arabia was correct

● Reporter: Renewing the contract of Ramos in Paris means giving up football

● Invited by Saudi team, Filmino still wants to stay in Liverpool

● Renowned referee Raos announces retirement at the end of the season

● Western media: Luli will join Ajax

● Official: Ajax and Argentine defender Magalan have terminated their contract, which should have expired this summer

● Metropolitan: McKinsey wants to join Dotte, but the Hornets have not yet provided an offer

● Reporter: Arsenal and Chelsea are both interested in the introduction of Mudrick, while the latter hopes to transfer to the Gunners

● TA: Southampton is close to signing Olsic, the transfer fee is 6 million pounds+terms

● Official: Benzema was elected the best athlete of the year of the French Sports Journalists Union

● Italian media: Juve may extend their contract with Alex Sandro by reducing their salary. The players want to work for Juve for another year

● Officially: Salenitana rents first and then buys and signs Cavilla. Juve have an anti buyout clause

● Old Manchester United player: Don’t want Kane to come to Manchester United. He is not the center needed by the team

● Roten: Benzema has a bad relationship with the national team doctor, but Deschamps has always defended the team doctor


Today (1.6)

08:30 NBA regular season Celtics – lone ranger

09:00 NBA regular season Jazz Rockets

11:00 CBA regular season Beijing Sichuan

11:00 CBA regular season Tianjin Liaoning

11:00 NBA regular season Clippers Nuggets

15:00 CBA regular season Tongxi Fujian

15:30 CBA regular season Ningbo Guangsha

19:35 CBA regular season Shenzhen Jiangsu

20:00 CBA regular season Jilin Beikong

23:00 Saudi Super Al-Nassr FC Victory – Altay

Tomorrow morning (1.7)

01:00 French Cup 1/32 Final – Montpellier

01:00 French Cup 1/32 Final Strasbourg Anger

01:30 The 16th round of La Liga Elche Selta

04:00 France Cup 1/32 Final Chatoru – Paris Saint Germain

04:00 The 16th round of La Liga Valencia Cadiz

04:00 FA Cup Round 3 Manchester United Everton

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