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The traditional insider of successful transformation — Brook Lopez

Popular encyclopedic introduction

Brook Lopez was born in North Hollywood, California, USA on April 1, 1988. He is 2.13 meters tall and has an arm span of 2.25 meters. He is a center.

In 2008, the 10th place in the first round was selected by the New Jersey Basketball Nets. In his career, he played for the Basketball Nets, the Lakers and the Bucks, winning one championship and one best defensive team for two matches.

What I want to say is “dry goods”

Brook Lopez (hereinafter referred to as Lopez) is tall and has a long arm, but his athletic ability is relatively average and his technology is excellent. He has the inside attack technology and a certain shooting ability. There are certain loopholes in the defensive end due to foot and other reasons, and his rebounding ability is poor. On the whole, he belongs to the more traditional inside line of the offensive type.

When Lopez entered the league, the inner line of the Nets was relatively weak. He quickly played in the starting lineup and briefly formed an inner line combination with Yi Jianlian. His performance is relatively stable and has been improved year by year, but at the same time, his shortcomings are also obvious, that is, he attacks strong and defends weak. Although he has had more than 2 blocks per game in his career, his rebounds have never been in double figures, but fortunately, his attack can make up for some shortcomings in defense, allowing him to maintain his starting level for many years.

Lopez, as a more traditional inside player, is strong in attack and weak in defense. His athletic ability and three-point ability are relatively ordinary, and he once had the attribute of “glass man”. He thought that he would gradually wither after the advent of the small ball era. However, his mind was enough, and he was not idle during the injury. He made adjustments in time after finding changes in the rules, increasing his three-point ability. Due to the changes in the rules, his defense also changed a little, and his ability to protect the frame and block shots improved.

There has been a lot of discussion about Lopez, but there is not much. He has been criticized for being ineffective in defense since he entered the league, and for many years he has always been criticized for attacking the strong and defending the weak, which makes it difficult to assign important tasks at critical moments. But at the same time, because of his physical condition and technology, many people continue to give him hope that he has the ability to become one of the best insiders. Of course, the fact is that he has always been an excellent interior player, without crotch pulling or becoming one of the best.

Fantastic “if”

If Lopez has good athletic ability and is good at running and jumping, he can become one of the representatives of the center in the small ball era. If he has the defensive ability that matches the attack, he may become the No. 1 player, or even become an all-star star quickly after entering the league. If his team leadership ability is better, he is one of the best centers in the league.

If Lopez had no injuries, his career would be better. After all, injuries are something that no one would like to see, and those years were his rising period. Maybe he would have developed his three-point ability earlier, or he could have developed other skills without injuries

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