The owner of the Warriors has spoken, and the total salary next season will reach 400 million. If they can’t win the championship, they will make these adjustments to the team

The attitude of the Warriors owner is well known in the league. As long as the Warriors draft players, they will not hesitate to give big contracts, such as Curry, Thompson, and Poole, who has played some outstanding performances in the team in the past two years, also gives them The maximum salary is offered, which is very difficult to get in other teams.

This season, the Warriors’ total salary ranks second in the league. The salary cap given by the league has long been insufficient, and Golden State’s luxury tax is the highest in the league.

However, this is not the worst. Lacob recently contacted the media, saying that the Warriors’ financial problems will only be revealed next season. If they keep the lineup unchanged, their total salary will reach 400 million. This is something he does not allow. ! They have to drastically cut salaries within the team after this season.

So there will be personnel adjustments next season.

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