It’s said that Ronaldo hasn’t finished his first registered show or Mero has played. Don’t tell anyone

According to the Arab media, Ronaldo has not yet completed his registration in Al-Nassr FC and is unable to participate in the competition for the time being.

The Saudi Arabia League stipulates that there should be at most 8 foreign aid players. Before Ronaldo arrives, the number of foreign aid players in the team is full. Whether to sell or terminate the contract, someone must leave to register Ronaldo. At present, the number of foreign aid for the team plus Ronaldo has reached 9. One person must be sent away before Ronaldo can complete the registration.

It is reported that the Uzbek international Masharibov is probably the one who has been replaced.

Cristiano Ronaldo may make his debut on January 19, when the friendly match kicks against Paris Saint Germain, and Messi Cristiano is expected to play.

It is worth mentioning that Cristiano Ronaldo has been suspended for two games by the Premier League, and his playing time in the official match may be until January 21.


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