NBA injury summary: Dirk Curry’s comeback time is exposed, and his recovery is smooth. Zion has been injured for at least one month

On January 5, Beijing time, the latest injury report of the NBA came. Warriors hoped that Curry would return nine days later, and the three Warriors would be injured for at least another week; Strong eyebrow recovered smoothly and had run training. Zion was injured for at least one month; In addition, James, Enbid, Garland and other players were absent from the game due to injuries, and Timberwolves Prince was suspended for 20 games and planned to return.

Warriors’ injury – more than one injured person will be stopped for one week in the countdown to Curry’s comeback

As for the recovery of Curry’s shoulder injury, Warriors General Manager Bob Miles said: Curry will be evaluated again this weekend. He did some training on the court, and the recovery process did not encounter any obstacles. It is hoped that Curry will be back in the first game of the team’s away trip (playing San Antonio on January 14, Beijing time).

Warrior officer announces other injuries:

Jamaico Green’s calf infection symptoms are easing and will be reassessed within a week. He has been absent from 7 games consecutively due to triggering the league health and safety agreement and right calf infection; Cumminga suffered a sprain in his right foot and Wiseman sprained his left ankle. They will be re evaluated within a week;

Wiggins has been allowed to return to the field for training, and the team will reassess him later this week.

Anthony Slater, a reporter accompanying the Warriors, followed up and reported that Cumminga, Wiseman and Jamaico Green would be absent from the Warriors’ next three home games (against Pistons, Magic and Suns respectively). It was not ruled out that Wiggins would be back against the Suns.

The recovery of bushy eyebrows is progressing smoothly

Vanaroski reports: I was told that Anthony Davis’s recovery is encouraging, and there is no pain at present. He has started some running training on the court. I was told that AD’s next recovery plan is to jump and see how his feet feel. But there is no doubt that his recovery progress is encouraging.

Before that, Lakers coach Hamm said that his feet were almost painless and he was close to returning to the game; Shumei himself revealed his stress reaction to the scaphoid bone, which was much better

Zion’s hamstring is seriously injured

Warnarowski said that Zion will be absent for at least one month, which is not a minor hamstring strain. Pelicans will be cautious to ensure that Zion recovers to 100%, so as to avoid similar events in the future.

Pelican officials have announced that Zion will be absent for at least 3 weeks due to a strained right hamstring.

Other injuries:

James missed the Heat because of illness (not COVID-19 disease), and Lonnie Walker (sore left knee) was unable to play due to injury.

Enbid’s left foot is sore, and the walkers are currently on the daily watch list

Timberwolves forward Prince plans to return to the game against Portland Trailblazers today. Since November 24, Prince has been sidelined due to shoulder injury. Prince has missed 20 consecutive games due to injury. This season, he can average 7.7 points, 2.5 rebounds and 1.2 assists per game.

Heat shooter Duncan Robinson will undergo finger surgery. He is expected to be absent for four weeks due to injury. Dunroe has not recovered from his finger injury since November.

Cavaliers Mobley will return after missing two games. Garland will be absent for the third game in a row due to a thumb injury. He hopes to return sometime this week.

Makif Morris and Royce O’Neal are back from illness, and all the members of the Nets can play, hitting 13 consecutive wins.

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