C Luo teased her sister at the ceremony, and Georgina’s expression brightened! Have you been stared at for a peek

At the unveiling ceremony of Al-Nassr FC, six members of the Luo family were present, except for their newborn daughter.

During this period, Luo talked and laughed with the young and beautiful translator, and Georgina, who was right beside him, showed a bright face.

In another scene, Luo seems to take a peek at the beautiful translator beside her, but she is also stared at by Georgina and hurries to turn around.

During Christmas, Georgina bought an open top Rolls Royce worth 250000 pounds from her own pocket to give it to Ronaldo. However, in the last two days, the Marca News suddenly broke a sudden news that the wedding of Ronaldo and Georgina had been postponed, which may be the breakdown of their relationship. The report also said that Georgina was not satisfied with Ronaldo’s going to Saudi Arabia to play football, because they might not be able to stay together for a long time. Georgina was unwilling to give up her career in Europe.

Originally, Ronaldo wanted to stay in Europe to play football, but no European championship team was willing to sign him. His self recommendation to Frankfurt was rejected. His plan to return to Real Madrid for the base salary also failed. Finally, he had to choose Al-Nassr FC to win.

Of course, Ronaldo’s annual income in Al-Nassr FC is 200 million euros, which is an astronomical figure. Georgina’s income in Europe is nothing compared with this. If the contract of two and a half years is fulfilled, Luo will receive 500 million euros.

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