With the first round of voting coming out, this season’s NBA All Star starting lineup may be like this! Is that OK?

Western starter: Jokic+Davis+James+Dongqi+Curry

At present, among the western forwards, Jokic has 2237768 votes, Davis 2063325 votes, James 3168694 votes. Lao Zhan is the top vote in the western region, while Zion, ranked fourth, has 1924222 votes because of its strong performance and excellent team leadership this season.

Therefore, due to the long absence of Shuo Mei in the western forward line, Zion may replace him, but Zion is also injured…

In the western guard, the advantage is very obvious. Curry has 2715520 votes, Dongqi has 2388502 votes, and Morant, the third, has only 915507 votes. There is no possibility of catching up!

However, three of the five people in the western region are outside the first eight of the playoffs, and all three of them are injured, which is a bit embarrassing.

Eastern first round: Enbid+Alphabet Brother+Durant+Mitchell+Owen

At the first round, in the eastern front court, Durant had 3118545 votes, 2998327 letters, 2226712 Great Emperor votes, but the fourth Tatum also had 2178330 votes, which could be countered at any time!

In the eastern guard, Owen had 2071715 votes, Mitchell 1637734 votes, and the former popularity king Harden had only 1161593 votes. Unless there is a super winning streak behind, it will be difficult to surpass.

Compared with the western region, the eastern stars are more popular and successful. They are also younger, healthier and have an advantage!

Finally, attach the data:

Jokic, field average 25.6+10.8+9.5

Davis, average 27.4+12.1+2.6

James, average 29.0+8.2+6.6

Dongqi, field average 34.3+8.8+8.9

Kuri, field average 30.0+6.6+6.8

Enbid, field average 33.5+9.8+4.6

Letter Brother, field average 32.7+12.1+5.4

Durant, field average 29.9+6.7+5.5

Mitchell, average 29.0+4.0+4.9

Owen, field average 26.2+5.0+4.2

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