C Luo’s debut time is confirmed! Money makes the mare go. It’s crazy for FIFA to refuse to ban the King of Match

On January 5, Beijing time, the good news came again from Ronaldo’s debut. He did not need to be suspended as before.

A number of Saudi media have brought new heavy news. The Al-Nassr FC team has officially received the green light from FIFA. Ronaldo will not be subject to any suspension punishment. He will finally be able to make a smooth debut on time, and the long-awaited debut of Ronaldo will also come smoothly.

In fact, just two months ago, on November 23, the Football Association officially announced that Ronaldo had been fined 50000 pounds and suspended for two games for smashing fans’ mobile phones, and had been severely punished. However, FIFA has such a rule that if a player has been punished in his previous league, he will still be subject to additional punishment even if he goes to a new league. After fulfilling the previous punishment, he will be able to play. Therefore, Ronaldo would have been suspended for two more games, and could not play until January 15.

But now it seems that the local tyrants in West Asia really have money to make the devil go around. The latest news came that Al-Nassr FC had received an international transfer license from Ronaldo against the club and the exclusive media organization Saudi Sports Company of the Saudi League. FIFA did not impose a ban on him, and he could play without executing the two bans. It means that at 23:00 on January 5, Beijing time, Al-Nassr FC won the matchEltaihailFilo will be able to make his debut in Saudi Arabia.

But now, it seems that FIFA has also made a compromise in front of the launching local tyrants. The most important thing is that FIFA may also want to see Ronaldo’s performance in Saudi Arabia. After all, this is a good thing for football, and it can also help Asian football to continue to develop. After all, Ronaldo has such great influence. As long as he plays, all the attention will come to him.

In fact, as Ronaldo said, he did not come to West Asia for money, but to promote the development of football in the whole Asia. In this case, if Ronaldo can play now, it will enable everyone to pay more attention to the Saudi league, which is certainly a good thing for Asian football. We should know that the Saudi Arabia League is only the third league in Asia. If so many people can watch him play, then other Asian leagues will take off completely because of his arrival.

Moreover, Cristiano Ronaldo’s playing time is also very friendly. I believe that most Chinese fans will be waiting in front of the TV to watch his performance. They have come to this level of competition. Otherwise, Cristiano Ronaldo should at least easily average 1-2 goals per game, which is not a high requirement. This is the 67th league in the world, and there is no strong team. Before Ronaldo left, Al-Nassr FC won the first place in the league. Since you were the first before you came here, you must take this team to win the championship or even reach the Asian championship.

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