NBA: The first round of the all-star vote was selected, and James was the most popular; Warrior 6 will be selected into the top ten. Have you learned

On January 6, Beijing time, the results of the first round of the NBA All Star Game were hot. James of the Western Lakers won 3.16 million more votes than Durant of the Eastern Nets, 3.11 million more.

Stephen Curry, the core of the Warriors who has been absent from more than 10 games due to injury, won 2.71 million votes, leading all the selected players in the backcourt.

It is worth mentioning that although the defending champion Golden State Warriors has poor performance this season, ranking only ninth in the western region and barely occupying the playoff play offs, they are the defending champions after all, and their influence is still very dazzling and hot. A total of 6 players were selected into the all-star ticket list, and all of them ranked in the top 10. In addition to Curry, who won the first place in the backcourt, Buddha Clay won more than 510000 votes, ranking fifth in the western region; Jordan Poole received 130000+votes, ranking 10th in the western region. In addition, in the western front court, Wiggins, who was also absent for a long time due to injury, won 1.12 million votes, ranking fifth in the western region; Dream Chasing Green won 400000+votes, ranking eighth in the western region; The most surprising thing is that Kevin Rooney, a blue collar in the Warriors’ interior, also got 240000+votes, ranking 10th in the western region. It is definitely a recognition of Rooney’s strength to be able to obtain so many all-star votes. He is also really motivated, has been diligent, and has worked hard to do his job well. He can pick and remove, defend, grab boards, and also can coordinate and score. If he is finally selected as an All Star, it will definitely be the best reward for Rooney!

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