The latest results of the NBA All Star Election: James, Curry, fourth, and six Warriors! Burst

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On January 6, 2023 (Beijing time), the official league of the NBA officially announced the results of the first stage of the 2022-2023 season All Star regular fans’ voting, and James was elected the first stage of the voting king.

The following is the specific voting results of the first stage of fans’ voting in the east and west (the number of votes in parentheses)


Front court players:James (3168694), Jokic (2237768), Davis (2063325)Cai En Williamson (1924222), Wiggins, Paul George, Markanin, Dream Chasing Green, Leonard, Looney;

Backcourt players:Kuri (2715520), Dongqiqi (2388502), Morant, Alexander, Thompson, Westbrook, Lilard, Devonbok, Reeves, Poole.


Front court players:Durant (3118545), Adetokunbo (2998327), Enbid (2226712), Tatum (2178330), Butler, Siakam, Kuzma, Banchello, Clarkston, Allen;

Backcourt players:Irving (2071715), Mitchell (1637374), Harden, Jay Brown, Trejan, Drozan, La Mello Ball, Halliburton, Ross, Garland.

We can see that James, Durant, Adetokunbo, Curry and Doncic ranked the top five in the first stage of the all-star fan voting results. This result may not be too unexpected, but it is highly probable that they will still rank in the top five in the final voting results, and the order may change slightly.

In the Western Warriors, there are a total of six people on the list, and the Lakers have four people. Although the two teams have poor performance, they are one of the most popular teams after all, and their individual performance is still excellent, so it is reasonable to get fans’ support.

According to the results of the first stage, it can be expected that James, Curry, Doncic, Jokic, Davis (or Cain) will start the All Star West; Durant, Brother Alphabet, Enbid, Owen and Mitchell will probably not change much in the east, and the maximum probability is that individual personnel.

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