A 0-1 game let Ronaldo steal the fun! My favorite team is fragmented. Fortunately, I didn’t go back to work. I’m afraid I won’t regret it after thinking about it

On January 6, Beijing time, the 19th round of this season’s Premier League held a strong dialogue, with Chelsea playing Manchester City at home. The two teams remained deadlocked until the 62nd minute, when Glallis assisted Mahres to score and Chelsea lost the ball. Since then, Chelsea failed to equalize and lost 1-0.

A 0-1 game let Ronaldo steal the fun! My favorite team is fragmented. Fortunately, I didn’t go back to work. I’m afraid after thinking about it. Because before that, Ronaldo had a close transfer relationship with Chelsea. Chelsea boss Burley wanted to sign Ronaldo. Neither the former Chelsea manager Tuhel nor the current manager Porter chose to buy Ronaldo. The Portuguese superstar finally failed to wait for Chelsea. He chose to join Saudi Arabia’s Al-Nassr FC Victory. According to Chelsea’s current situation, it is fortunate that Ronaldo did not go, otherwise, the consequences would be unimaginable.

After losing to Manchester City, Chelsea only achieved 2 wins, 1 draw and 5 losses in nearly 8 matches in various competitions. The team was eliminated in the League Cup, fell to the 10th place in the Premier League, 19 points behind the top ranked Arsenal, 10 points less than the fourth ranked Manchester United. Chelsea won the Premier League this season, but it is not realistic to enter the top four.

Moreover, Chelsea was affected by the weakness of the front. The team scored only 20 goals in 17 Premier League matches, with an average of 1.18 goals per game. The players with the largest number of goals in the Premier League were Sterling and Hafferts, with only 4 goals. At present, Chelsea basically has no way to attack. The team is not organized.

At the same time, there are too many injured people in Chelsea. With the injury of Sterling and Bridgic, the number of injured people in Chelsea’s first team has reached 10. These include Mendy, James, Fofana, Chilwell, Kant, Munt, Chick, Broya, Stirling and Bridgic. Chelsea’s team has a problem in playing. It’s too difficult to score goals. Now it has encountered a serious wave of injuries. Chelsea is in danger. This season is doomed to be hard, and the team is basically doomed to be empty.

If Ronaldo joins Chelsea, he will not be able to save this team that has started to go downhill, because Ronaldo is helpless and his state is far from the past. Chelsea may not be better off with Ronaldo. At that time, Ronaldo will be ridiculed by Manchester United fans. Fortunately, Chelsea did not choose Ronaldo at that time. Otherwise, Ronaldo would be in trouble. Now Ronaldo is so happy to win in Al-Nassr FC, with an annual salary of 200 million euros.

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