According to the latest NBA data list, Dongqi has no solution for 34 points per game. Is the assistant Wang a 22-year-old boy

In the near half of the NBA game, the Warriors are getting better, the Lakers are still at a low point, the Nets are soaring, and the Jazz is declining significantly. The league pattern is very different from the early season. It is worth mentioning that there are more and more excellent young people, and the hot data are basically created by young people. If you look at the latest data list, you will find that most of the top ranked people are young people. Dongqi averaged 34 points and Wang was a 22-year-old assistant.

Scoring king

As one of the most concerned honors, the competition for the scoring king is currently centered around two young people. They are Dongqi and Enbid. Emperor was the king of scoring last year, and he is still strong this year. At present, he can score 33.5 points per game, and his shooting percentage is 53%, which is a trend of Lianzhuang. Dongqi is even more puzzled. He can average 34.3 points per game, leading the scoring list. As long as he maintains his current performance, he has a chance to take the scoring king and MVP honor.


This honor undoubtedly belongs to the inside line. However, the data of this year’s rebounding king list is not exaggerated, and no one even has more than 13 rebounds per game. The current rebounding king is Sabonis of the Kings. As an all-star center, he can take 12.4 rebounds per game, and his performance is excellent. Behind him, Capella’s average rebounds per game is 11.9, and Brother Alphabet’s average rebounds per game is 11.8. Sabonis’s advantage is not obvious, and he may be countered at any time.

Assist Wang

There are many excellent organizers of the league, but this year Zhan and Paul are left behind. At present, Wang is a 22-year-old player. He is the boss of Kings, Harry Burton. He can give 10.1 assists per game, and is already an all-star point guard. Trejan also performed well, scoring 10 assists per game. The third is Denver Nuggets center Jokic, a center and a guard for the assist king. I have to say that Teacher Jokic is a little crazy.


As a positive defensive data, those with high steals are generally strong defensive players. This year, Anu Nobi of Raptors leads the steals list. He is a very strong forward defender. He has made 2.2 steals in every game and performed very well. There are 2 steals per game for Melton and 1.8 steals per game for Edwards. Anunobi still has a big advantage.

The king of capping

The ability to protect the frame is very needed by every team. The best player this season is the Bucks’ big Lopez. Although he is over 34 years old, Dalloz has a strong ability to assist in defense. He can give 2.7 blocks per game, which is a phenomenal existence. The second place is Clarkston. He can also give 2.5 blocks per game, which is also very powerful. There is also Turner behind. He has blocked shots 2.1 times every game, which is a big gap with the first two.

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