You still can’t make your debut tonight? Saudi Sports News: Has Ronaldo’s transfer certificate included two games of suspension

On January 6, according to the latest news of the Saudi Sports News, the transfer certificate of Ronaldo’s players has been issued, including two game bans. The players cannot make their debut tonight.

Yesterday, many Saudi media said that Al-Nassr FC had received Ronaldo’s international “pass” and there was no suspension.

On November 23 last year, Ronaldo was fined 50000 pounds by the Football Association and suspended for two games due to his cell phone falling.

However, according to the Saudi Sports News sources, Ronaldo’s transfer certificate actually included two game suspension penalties, so he could not play in the next two games for the Al-Nassr FC.

It should also be mentioned that Al-Nassr FC has just paid off the transfer debt and obtained the permission to register new players. However, the team has 8 foreign aid, and someone needs to leave to register for Ronaldo.

Yesterday, due to power failure at home, the next game of Al-Nassr FC’s victory was postponed to 11:00 this evening Beijing time.

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