The American media’s prediction on the 20 pounds of the NBA this year: can the Nets win, Zhan Lao be traded, and Harden return to the Rockets?

In the new year, the pattern of the NBA has also undergone some subtle changes. Dongqi has returned to the top of the scoring list, and the basketball network has made great progress. Even the Lakers have won three consecutive victories. What will happen to the NBA in 2023? American media FW made 20 heavy predictions: the Nets won the championship, the Lakers traded Zhan Lao, and Harden returned to the Rockets

20. Dongqi wins the scoring king

In the past few games, Doncic broke out frequently and got high scores, which also made his average score increase rapidly and surpassed Enbid to return to the top of the scoring list. Compared with Enbid, Dongqi’s teammates are even worse. He has to make a lot of shots in every game, and he has high efficiency and many scoring methods. Dongqi is full of fighting spirit. If he wants to win a personal award, the scoring king can say that he is bound to win.

19. The letter elder brother obtained DPOY in the second scene

In 2020, Brother Alphabet had already won DPOY. This year, his main competitor, Gerber, basically withdrew from the competition, but Brother Alphabet again showed strong performance, which is very close to that in 2020.

18. Wei Shao won the best sixth person

Weishao is more and more adapted to the role of the bench and has more room to play. After 28 minutes of playing, he can send 14.5 points, 6.3 rebounds, 7.7 assists and 1 steals. Among them, assists are the most among all the bench players. The Lakers are also getting better because of the play of Wei Shao, who is likely to win the award of the best sixth man.

17. Banchello won the best rookie

This should be the simplest prediction, because among the rookies of this year, Banchello can be said to be the best. He averaged 21 points per game, with Ah Ping the highest among all the rookies. As a center, he could also give four assists. His performance is far more than that of others, and he has the most ball rights in Magic, so it’s no surprise to get the best rookie.

16. Alexander won the fastest progress award

Last season, Alexander’s score has reached the quasi all-star level of 24.5 points. Unexpectedly, this season can continue to improve significantly. At present, his average score is 30.9 points, ranking the fourth in the scoring list. You know, after 20 points, it is difficult to improve each point, so Alexander has made such progress, and others simply cannot compete with him.

15. Bucks can’t reach the eastern finals

Last season, the Bucks did not reach the East Final because of Middleton’s injury. Although they are the most popular champions in the East this season, it seems that they are very difficult to win the first place in the East. They may encounter the Nets or Celtics in advance in the semi-finals. It is difficult to defeat these two strong teams when Middleton does not find his way back.

14. Downes applies for transaction

The good times are wasted on the weak? Maybe after seeing Wiggins win the championship successfully, it will also make Downes feel turbulent. Gobel is completely in the hands of the Timberwolves at present, and it is difficult to trade such a big contract away. If Downes wants to make a difference in the peak period, he can only apply to other teams.

13. Hawks can’t make the playoffs

Hawks are not competitive enough. Except for Trejan and Murray, other players have big problems in their state. Capella’s attendance rate is not high, Collins may also be traded, and in addition, the team’s internal contradictions make it difficult to enter the playoffs in the increasingly competitive east.

12. Nuggets become the first in the western region

At present, Denver is also the first in the western region. Jokic has continued his MVP status, playing close to the level of triple doubles per game. The difference is that his teammates are stronger. Denver’s reserves are very good, no matter in the front line or in the back line. The whole team has no major weaknesses.

11. The Nets Become the First in the East

After Nash left class, the performance of the Nets improved by leaps and bounds. The defensive end was close to the top ten level of the league, and Owen was not active. The offensive end was very layered, and the whole team seemed to be united. In the whole December, the Nets lost only one game, and their record was close to that of Celtic.

10. Owen and the Nets renewed their contract

In fact, the Nets have always supported Michael Owen. Last year, during the off-season, they also mentioned the renewal of the contract, but they will add some rules to restrict Michael Owen. This season, Owen seems to be a lot smarter. His attendance is guaranteed, he works very hard on the court, and there is less negative news. Therefore, the Nets are very likely to renew his contract with him. Of course, there are still many additional conditions to restrict Owen.

9. The Lakers can’t make the playoffs

Although the Lakers have won three consecutive games, they are still in the 12th position in the West, and there is still a clear gap between them and the team in front of them. In addition, the Lakers had a loose schedule in the first half of the season, and the opponents were not strong. The second half of the season was difficult to reach the top of the league. Even if Davis could return, they would still be choked if they wanted to enter the playoffs. They didn’t hold the front, and the hole they dug was too big.

8. Bull Off season Trade Lavin

After he renewed his contract, his mentality changed. He was not the strongest player in the team, but he was dissatisfied with his team’s status and wanted to ask for more ball rights. Bulls may also rebuild due to poor performance, and then Lavin will be the first to be cleared. With his strength, he can exchange for two first rounds.

7. Dream Chasing Green Executive Player Option

To tell the truth, Green is a system player. It is difficult for him to perform so well in other teams, and he knows this, so he will fight against Poole, because Poole will affect his contract extension. However, after Poole renewed his contract, Green also saw the reality. He was bound to implement the player option to guarantee that he would get another year of big contract.

6. Harden returns to the rocket

Harden reduced his salary during the offseason and renewed his contract with the 76ers to help the team strengthen and then hit the championship. But if he fails again, Harden will leave. The Rockets will always welcome Harden back. He is of great significance to the team. Moreover, the Rockets today have many young talents, and Harden can compete for the championship again after his return.

5. Jokic 3rd Company MVP

This prediction is more and more likely because Jokic’s performance is so good that he will surpass others. In addition, he has also improved compared with his previous two seasons. In terms of performance, if he can win the first place in the West or even in the league, there is no reason not to give him this MVP.

4. Hornets won the first prize and won Wenbanyama

The Hornets are 10-29 at present, with the worst record in the league. They are likely to be signed by the No. 1 player. Then all teams will not refuse to join such a talented player as Wenbanyama. If he and Paul form a partner, the Hornets will rise soon.

3. The Lakers traded James in the offseason

If the Lakers miss the playoffs for two consecutive years, James is likely to apply for a trade. He had previously said that he could still contribute to the championship team. So I don’t want to waste time in the Lakers, and the Lakers can trade James to obtain important assets for reconstruction.

2. The Nets won the 2023 championship

If I said this more than a month ago, no one would believe it. But now, the Nets do have a bright future. This team has gathered many players who need to prove themselves again. Including Durant, who was suspected of winning the championship by hitchhiking, Owen, who almost disappeared from the NBA, Simmons, who had been laughed at for a year, Warren, who was recovering from serious injuries, and Xiongtai Watanabe, who wanted to take root in the NBA. The hearts of such a group of people are full of desire for success. Only winning the championship can satisfy their desire.

1. Durant obtained FMVP

Durant once again played MVP level performance, even if the league did not want to see him, even the best of the month was not given, and there were not many whistles in the regular season. But as long as he can reach the playoffs, I believe Durant can still take over the game and prove himself thoroughly.

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