The registration has not been completed! The former Brazilian international’s salary arrears for two years have finally arrived, and Ronaldo must be full of dry goods

It is reported that the 37 year old Ronaldo has not completed the registration in Al-Nassr FC Victory, and the club needs to solve two major problems.

The first is about the registration of foreign aid. It is understood that the Saudi League stipulates that a team can only register 8 foreign aid at most, and Al-Nassr FC Victory has used up the number of foreign aid registered before joining Ronaldo, so they must send one foreign aid away in order to free up a foreign aid quota for Ronaldo.

Second, the problem of Al-Nassr FC defaulting on the salary of old soldiers. Previously, Al-Nassr FC still owed Brazilian international Giuliano 34 million reais (6.03 million euros) salary before the age of 32. However, Giuliano received all the unpaid wages on Thursday morning local time. Giuliano joined Al-Nassr FC from Fenerbahce in 2018. At that time, the two sides had signed a contract for three years, but the contract was terminated in advance two years later. Al-Nassr FC dragged for two and a half years and suddenly paid the money freely. Giuliano would like to thank Ronaldo.

So far, Ronaldo’s debut in Al-Nassr FC has not been confirmed. Previously, it was said that the penalty of Ronaldo being suspended for two games by the FA would be transferred to the Saudi League, but then there was a reversal. The official broadcaster confirmed that Ronaldo would not be suspended.

The first match of Al-Nassr FC’s victory should have been held at 23:00 last night (Beijing time) after Ronaldo officially announced his joining. Later, due to power failure in the stadium, it had to be postponed to 24 hours later.

So far, there is no official information to confirm that Ronaldo has completed the registration. Whether he has obtained the appearance qualification without being suspended will be revealed at 23:00 tonight.

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