How are Ronaldo and Messi ranked in football history? Burst

First of all, there is no absolute value for historical ranking. Everyone will make different lists because of their own preferences and perspectives. Even the same person will make different lists in different periods.

So, here is only a general scope.

Before the analysis, let’s say that, because during the football watching period, we were basically out of touch with Behchenko Santo and Laoma, not to mention Pele Charlton and others, so most of the analysis is based on the comparison of the players 20 years ago. If there is any bias, please correct it.

If they retire now, they will definitely be in the top 10 in history. The top 5 will be based on the preferences and perspectives of the screeners.

If we estimate the ranking after retirement from the current actual situation, there must be a top 6 ranking. Can we go to the top 3 to see the preferences and perspectives of the screeners.

1. On the purely personal technical level, because of the development of science and technology, eating habits, training concepts, environment and other reasons, players in the future are more likely to be rewarded for their technical abilityMeroIn terms of technology, it is almost ahead of everyone in history, and may be surpassed by younger generations in the future.MaradonaIt is a bug. At that time, Mero had the technical level of more advanced scientific training.

Individual dribbling, explosive power, attacking means, physical quality, shooting level, shooting skills, although each of the three has his own merits, they are almost equal after integration.

Therefore, technically, Mei, Ma and Luo rank in the top three, basically within a millisecond.

2. In terms of personal understanding (talent) of football, I always believe that Ronaldinho is the strongest player, followed by Messi and Maradona. Ronaldinho is basically of the same level. Although Ronaldinho is not the top player here, he is also basically higher than all active players except Messi. Therefore, the talent ranking here is also within one hundred percent. In addition to some players who may have seen fewer matches in history, Messi is at least in the top three, while Ronaldo is also in the top ten.

3. Influence on football.

For the influence of football, popularization is not considered here, but will be put on the next point. Here, it is mainly aimed at technical and tactical play. Mero is a player with his own system. That is to say, the coach or the team will arrange the team style and tactics according to their characteristics. On the one hand, Maradona may be the only player before them,franz beckenbauer A few players have done it, and it seems that we can not accurately locate Mero’s position, center, winger, front waist, or evenFrontier guardBoth of them have played football before, and the positions they can adapt to almost make them free men in front of their respective teams, and the dribbling, passing, shooting, set pieces, and overall view are almost one notch higher than the players of the same era, and they are almost unprecedented. It seems that only Ronaldinho and Maradona at their peak can do so. However, Ronaldinho’s peak time is his hard injury, so Mero once again ranks in the top three in terms of diversity, and there may be more and more such players after that, but it is really rare before.

4. Marks left in football

In fact, there are three small points on this point: first, the team’s hard honor, second, personal data achievements, and third, representative works.

1) In terms of team hard honours, both of them suffered from hard injuries. On the national team level, although Ronaldo has one more European Cup, it is useless (there are more European Cup champions). Their hard honours in the national team are even more than 100, but their hard honours in the club should be at the top 2 level. Here, Ronaldo is probably half a position ahead of Messi for the time being, and the future glory depends on the career direction.

To sum up, they may not be in the top 5, or even out of the top 10. After all, the most important trophy in the football world of the World Cup.

2) Personal data achievements and the number of goals scored in the Champions League led by two people are appalling. Messi also has a record of 91 goals in a natural year. Cristiano Ronaldo also has a record of 50+goals for N consecutive years. The only disadvantage for Cristiano Ronaldo is that he has played in different clubs and leagues, resulting in no too many positions on the league record list. In this regard, Messi has already brushed the Spanish league record list to a desperate level and is still continuing.

The Golden Globe Award has also been included in my personal data achievements. There is no need to say more about them.

To sum up, the personal data achievements of the two people are almost inexplicable. They have never seen anyone before. In this regard, the two are in the top two, and there is basically no big problem.

3) The representative works will influence the historical ranking largely because of the fact that Maradona has more than five people andHand of GodGadmullerAnd evenIkitaofScorpion wags its tail, or it’s a little Confucianfree kickIt can be a technical action, a record, a goal, a game or a shot. It is very likely that this masterpiece will become a drama and be handed down to the future generations. Messi’s 91 balls, even five people, will fall downBoatengThey are all classics in football. Ronaldo also has various flying goals and the miracle of a draw against Spain in the group match of the 18th World Cup.

In this regard, because of the wide variety of representative works, the top 100 may be the same as the top 100. If you want to study carefully and believe that two people can enter the top 30, it is OK, but if you want to talk about the top 10, it is really different.

5. Influence on the world

To a large extent, it is based on the whole society, even the whole mankind. In this regard, Ronaldo is more commercial than Messi, but what they didPublic welfare undertakingsIn addition to the influence of modern communication technology, I believe that the influence of world sports, the ratings created and the influence on other people’s lives should be on a par again. But this time, Xiaobei is with them.

Finally, based on the above five points, in my cognitive world, Mero’s historical ranking should be stable in the top 10. Because of the team honor factor, there may be some minor flaws, but the impact is much smaller than that of most people. The team honor is really just a small part of the historical ranking. For example, Shu is not unified after all. Does anyone think Zhuge Liang’s talent is greatly affected in the historical ranking?

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