The first person in history! The king of the crying competition, Cristiano Ronaldo, has set many records, and scores have exploded in ten competitions

At 0:00 on November 25, Beijing time, the first round of Group H of the World Cup was Portugal vs Ghana. Cristiano Ronaldo started his World Cup tour this year. After experiencing various disturbances on and off the court, Cristiano Ronaldo created a number of records in this game. Playing against Manchester United on the top stage proved that he is still the top player in the world. After scoring a goal against Ghana after this game, Ronaldo scored in ten world competitions (World Cup+European Cup), becoming the first player in history. Ronaldo has also become the first man in history to score goals in five World Cups! (2006, 2010, 2014, 2018, 2022) Messi, Klose, Bailey and Wuwei Schiller all had four times. Ronaldo has scored 118 goals in his career, including 98 goals in official matches (except friendly matches). Including 8 in the World Cup, 36 in the World Preliminaries, 31 in the European Preliminaries, 14 in the European Cup, 7 in the UEFA, and 2 in the Confederations Cup.

At the beginning of the game, Cristiano Ronaldo made his debut. In the fifth European Cup and the fifth World Cup, Cristiano Ronaldo played in the 10th national team competition and became the first person in Europe.

Portugal kicked off in the first half. At the 30th minute of the game, the free kick of B fee went to the restricted area. Ronaldo grabbed the ball in the restricted area and started to push the ball to break the goal! But the referee ruled that Ronaldo’s goal before the foul was invalid!

Cristiano Ronaldo took the ball from the right side of the front court and was thrown to the ground. Portugal took a free kick from the right side of the court. B Fei’s free kick went to the restricted area, and Ayu headed out of the baseline. Portugal’s tactical corner kick opened, Otavio took the ball to Pereira behind him and sent it diagonally into the restricted area. Unfortunately, the goalkeeper held the ball! Both sides didn’t have good opportunities in the whole first half. Portugal took the initiative on the court, and Ghana relied on the counter attack to find opportunities. Portugal controlled the ball by 70%, and shot 7-0 for 2-0. The first half ended 0-0.

Yi Bian fought again. Ghana kicked off in the second half. In the 62nd minute, Pereira took the ball and sent it diagonally to the front court. Guerrero took the ball and sent it to Felix. Felix sent it diagonally to the restricted area. Ronald tripped the ball and the referee signaled a penalty! Cristiano Ronaldo took four penalty kicks in the World Cup, equalling the record held by Eusebio and Batty. Cristiano Ronaldo took a deep breath and ran up to score 1-0.

In the 72nd minute, Salisu broke the ball in front of him and Kudus broke through the bottom and knocked horizontally. Ayu followed up to break the goal, and Ghana equalised 1-1.

In the 74th minute, Felix took the ball from the right side of the front court, broke through the restricted area and started to score 2-1. Leo scored Portugal’s third goal in the 86th minute. Two minutes later, Ghana team Sarisu took the ball from the middle of the back court and sent it to the restricted area. Bukari followed up the header and scored 3-2.

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