Cristiano Ronaldo broke the goal shortage, his value plummeted by 10 million Euros, and Tenghage was full of dry goods when he mentioned “strike” again

In the early morning of this morning, Beijing time, in the 2-0 win over Sharif in the Europa League away game, Ronaldo scored his first goal of the season and finally broke the goal shortage. European records show that this is the first time that Ronaldo scored in the Europa League in his career. The 37 year old Portuguese superstar has scored for 21 consecutive seasons. On the latest transfer price list, due to the failure to score in eight consecutive games, Ronaldo’s value rapidly depreciated to 20 million Euros, ranking 386 in the world. In this game, Manchester United played against Sharif away from home. Sancho, who was defeated in the England national team, received Eriksson’s assistance, opening the record for Manchester United. In the 39th minute, Dalloet set up a point and Ronaldo scored the first goal of the season from a penalty kick. With this goal, Ronaldo finally broke the goal shortage and scored the 699th goal in the club’s career. Manchester United coach Tenghage believes that with the arrival of the first goal, Ronaldo will gradually recover to his best. He also believes that it is because Ronaldo missed the pre-season game that the “goal shortage” occurred. “When you miss the pre-season game, we can expect this, so he must work very hard and devote himself to recover his normal physical fitness. He is really close, and he will score more goals when his physical condition is improved. He is fully committed to this project and this team, and is fully involved in it. You can also see that he (on the court) has contact with people around him, and he is building contact, so I am very satisfied.” Tenghage said, This goal is very important for Ronaldo. “He was close to scoring many times. You can see that he wanted to score very much, but every time he was either blocked by his foot or refracted, or did not cooperate well. We are happy for him, and the team hopes he can score goals, so this is good.” On the latest price ranking in the transfer market, 37 year old Ronaldo lost 10 million Euros because he failed to score in several consecutive games. At present, he ranks 386th in the world with 20 million euros, and 15th in Manchester United. However, at the age of Cristiano Ronaldo, he is still playing for a top club in the Premier League like Manchester United. Even the price of 20 million Euros is the ceiling of the active players.

[Source: Morning News]

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