Ronaldo retired? Portugal has won two consecutive victories and qualified ahead of schedule. Cristiano Ronaldo announced a major decision! It’s crazy

The World Cup is in full swing. Messi’s Argentina team and Cristiano Cristiano Ronaldo’s Portugal team are the two teams most concerned by fans, because these two “football heroes” are experiencing the last World Cup match in their career, regardless of whether they can win the championship? They will not appear again in the next World Cup.

Cristiano Ronaldo is even more involved in the crisis of leaving the team. At present, he has been excluded from the United team. This time, Cristiano Ronaldo participated in the World Cup as a free player. He is eager to prove himself in the Portuguese national team, and he has also done so.

In the latest Portuguese national team game, Cristiano Ronaldo once again entered the hot search list because of the “hair of God”. Although the Portuguese team finally changed the sentence and defined B fee as the maker of the goal, Cristiano Ronaldo also said that “he participated in the goal”, which was very dramatic.

However, Cristiano Ronaldo also announced his own idea, that is to retire!

Cristiano Ronaldo also received an interview with Morgan after the World Cup. During the interview, he talked about Cristiano Ronaldo’s future career planning!

To the surprise of fans, Cristiano Ronaldo said frankly that if Portugal can win the World Cup, he will retire immediately after winning the championship, 100%, no one!

It is worth mentioning that Portugal can be said to be very lucky in the current Qatar World Cup. It is in good condition in the group matches and qualified ahead of schedule with a good result of two consecutive wins.

In addition, Portugal can be said to be a lucky dog in this World Cup. If they reach the 1/8 final, they are likely to avoid the powerful Brazil team and be favored by the “Lucky Goddess” again.

With the recovery of Cristiano Ronaldo’s performance in the World Cup, Portugal has become one of the most popular teams to win the championship again, but can Cristiano Ronaldo finish the competition for the “World Cup”? We’ll see!

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