Focus | Luo and his family arrive in Riyadh to make a grand appearance. The income will be used for charity

Being able to own Ronaldo is definitely something worth celebrating for fans in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. When Ronaldo joined the Al-Nassr FC team, the news official announced that the streets of Riyadh would put out his posters and welcome banners. In the early morning of January 3, Beijing time, Luo and his family arrived in Riyadh by private plane, officially starting this new journey of their career.

Luo released a video he shot on the plane and said: “I hope to see you as soon as possible, friends of Al-Nassr FC Victory!” Then accompanied by his girlfriend and children, Luo and his party arrived in Riyadh. Luo was dressed in black, and his girlfriend Georgina was holding the child. Under the guidance of the club staff, she completed a brief meeting with the local fans. Ronaldo received the flowers presented by the fans and took a group photo with them. Al-Nassr FC showed the picture of Ronaldo and his party accepting flowers from small fans, and wrote: “After conquering Europe, the new task of idol superstars is to conquer Asia!”

According to the arrangement of the club, Ronaldo will receive a medical examination in the daytime on January 3, and then he will officially step on the home court of the Al-Nassr FC team to receive a warm welcome from all the fans. It is reported that fanatical Riyadh fans have “crowded” the ticket website to get a ticket to witness Ronaldo’s debut. Ronaldo’s jerseys have also been sold out. A few days ago, the jerseys with Ronaldo’s name were sold out within an hour. The jersey suppliers began to work overtime to make more jerseys.

According to the official news of Al-Nassr FC Club, the unveiling ceremony of Ronaldo will be held at the home of the team on the evening of January 3 local time (0:00 on January 4 Beijing time). Al-Nassr FC Club calls this “the welcoming ceremony of the world’s greatest player”. According to local media reports, all the income from the ceremony will be used for charity.

The last match of the Al-Nassr FC was held in the early morning of January 1, Beijing time. The team beat Hart Bay 1-0 away. After the game, midfielder Martinez said he would welcome Ronaldo with this victory. Gustavo also talked about the joining of Cristiano Ronaldo in an interview after the game: “The existence of great players like Cristiano Ronaldo is a qualitative change for Saudi football. It is our honor to have Cristiano Ronaldo, and we will try to help him integrate into the team.” Among Cristiano’s new team-mates, there is also an old acquaintance of Chinese fans, who used to play for Guangzhou Evergrande, At present, he temporarily leads the scorer list of Saudi Arabia League with 9 goals.

The next game of the Al-Nassr FC team will be held on January 5, Beijing time. When Ronaldo will complete his debut in the Saudi League has become the most expected thing for fans.

Article/Wang Fan, reporter of Beijing Youth Daily

Edited by Zhang Yingchuan

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