Private cars at high-speed railway stations pick up passengers on the platform, which cannot be regarded as serving the rich

Former title: Private cars at high-speed railway stations pick up passengers on the platform, which cannot be regarded as serving the rich

Wu Shuangjian, commentator of Jimu News

On January 1, a netizen said that there was a private car at Xi’an North Railway Station in Shaanxi to pick up passengers on the high-speed railway platform, which was released under the guidance of railway department staff. The reporter found that Xi’an North Railway Station had launched this service in October 2022. (According to the video report of China Youth Network Green Hornet on January 3)

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This is something like the business VIP service launched by the airport, which allows you to board in advance. At Xi’an North Railway Station, the driver can directly drive to the platform to pick up family and friends, and then leave through the exclusive channel. There is also a lounge. So why is it not feasible for the railway sector to launch similar services at airports?

The private car driving on the platform to pick up and see off people has aroused concern. On the one hand, it has caused many people to misunderstand. Some netizens are afraid that it is a private privilege. In fact, only to be open, fair and just to the market without discrimination, it can not be regarded as “only the rich and powerful can use it”. Because some elderly, infirm, disabled and pregnant people can also use it, and the demand is more urgent. Someone left a message saying that some elderly people at home had to take the high-speed rail after surgery, so they could only borrow the wheelchair at the station. It would be easier if the vehicle could enter the platform. In addition, some high-speed railway stations are very large, and there is still a long distance from the platform to the parking lot. If you carry a few large pieces of luggage, it is laborious. This service is also meeting the market demand.

Of course, the biggest premise must be to do a good job of safety. As the train arrives at the station, the crowd getting off at a moment is relatively dense. In addition, there is no guardrail between the platform and the rail, and there is a large gap between up and down, so the railway operation safety should be fully guaranteed. Some netizens said that they had used this service before and had been followed by a station staff. The service was good. If we can do this, there will be no problem.

In recent years, the railway department has also introduced many measures to meet the personalized needs of passengers, which has also been recognized by passengers. For example, online ordering service and milk tea are provided. Some time ago, some netizens said that the railway department did not sell sanitary napkins on the train, which caused a heated discussion of public opinion. Although it was verified afterwards that there were differences in some lines whether sanitary napkins were sold or not. However, the reason why this matter is so popular is that some seemingly insignificant things, but for many passengers, it is a marijuana annoyance. If we can meet the needs of passengers as much as possible, it will be a business opportunity for the railway department, and the citizens will just need it, which is a win-win thing.

We should also note that the high-speed railway station and the train are relatively closed spaces. No matter what services are provided, the pricing should also adapt to the market.

Private cars picking up and seeing off passengers on the platform of Xi’an High Speed Railway Station has aroused heated discussion. It can be seen from another aspect that passengers generally do not know about this service. Of course, it is understandable that when a train comes and more than a dozen private cars get on the platform, the situation is worrying. Give priority to the elderly, the weak, the sick and the disabled, implement total quantity control, and make service arrangements. Other high-speed railway stations may also wish to launch similar services to meet the personalized needs of the crowd, serve passengers and enhance market competitiveness.

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