Fan Shaohuang Responds to Divorce: Wife, I’m Wrong, Please Forgive Me for Being Full of Dry Goods

Former Title: Fan Shaohuang Responds to Divorce: Wife, I Am Wrong, Please Forgive Me

Sohu Entertainment News On January 2, Fan Shaohuang responded to the previous divorce on his personal social networking platform. He said that he had misprinted the word “leave”, but his hand slipped into “divorce”. Fan Shaohuang also shouted to his wife every other time, saying that he was wrong and asked for forgiveness.

It is reported that Jia Xiaochen, the wife of Fan Shaohuang, recently took a group photo with Fan Shaohuang on his personal social platform. Not long later, Fan Shaohuang forwarded the post and replied: “We are going to divorce”, then edited it as “we”, and finally changed it to “Let’s live in a place that is not cold in winter”. This made many netizens confused, and some people suspected that their marital status had problems.

Shortly afterwards, Jia Xiaochen wrote a response to the divorce rumors, and Aite Shaohuang asked him to explain. His tone seemed to indicate that she did not know what the whole “divorce incident” was.Go back to Sohu to see more

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