The year 2023 will be amazing! The wife’s front foot shows her love. Emperor Fan’s back foot announces divorce. Is it hype or real marriage? All right

Original title: Amazing melon in 2023! The wife’s front foot shows her love. Emperor Fan’s back foot announces divorce. Is it hype or real marriage?

The year 2023 has just arrived, when Neiyu revealed a shocking story, actor Fan Shaohuang suddenly announced divorce on the evening of January 1!

What’s more funny is that his wife Jia Xiaochen is still celebrating the seventh anniversary of their marriage and showing their love photos. Unexpectedly, her husband forwarded this message to her and announced that they would divorce. This series of operations are incomprehensible to netizens

However, Fan Shaohuang soon changed the “divorce” microblog, first to “we”, and then to “let’s live in a place that is not cold in winter!” Three changes in the record made netizens more puzzled about what he meant.

Some netizens speculated that because this year is the seventh anniversary of their marriage, there is a folk saying “the itch of seven years”. Fan Shaohuang seems to be making fun of this stem. But even though netizens were helping him to explain, Fan Shaohuang still didn’t go online to explain why he had sent the news of “divorce” before, and even made him a “hot search one” once.

It was not until the afternoon of January 2 that Jia Xiaochen sent a message saying that “eating melons is killing me” and called on Fan Shaohuang to let him come out and explain himself.

It was not until 7:00 p.m. that Fan Shaohuang sent a reply, saying that he had slipped his hands and wanted to send “We left here”. Unexpectedly, the input method was “We divorced” by default, and he was just “Yang Kang”. He was not in good health, so he made such an embarrassment Finally, Fan Shaohuang hurriedly admitted his mistake to his wife and shouted to Jia Xiaochen, “My wife, I’m wrong, please forgive me.”.

The two parties responded one after another, which brought the divorce farce of Fan Shaohuang and Jia Xiaochen to an end. However, procrastination occupied the whole day of Hot Search, and people had to suspect that they were suspected of deliberately hyping. Obviously, I can explain on the same day why I have to wait until the next day to respond. Is it sure that their marriage is OK?

Earlier, Jia Xiaochen posted a lot of complaints about marriage on her microblog, saying that she misses being single. Taking care of her family every day makes her physically and mentally exhausted. She hopes to spend 72 hours a day with three heads and six arms.

And she also said that she was too “love brain”, and was the kind of incurable, which is to express regret for her early love? At the same time, Jia Xiaochen also hopes that his two daughters will never be like her in the future, and that netizens can remind their daughters more.

In addition, Jia Xiaochen also revealed his dissatisfaction with the current marriage, saying that “being a housewife is the hardest job, and trivial nagging occupies the whole life. Nobody understands it, and others can’t help, so they must carry it on their own. It’s terrible because they have no sense of achievement, but more stress, fatigue and anger”. At the end, Jia Xiaochen also expressed that he really wanted to go out to work!

This is not the first time Jia Xiaochen has sent an article to go out to work. Before that, Jia Xiaochen also published her own album of works, which shows that she misses the life she could shoot before.

Maybe many people don’t know who Jia Xiaochen is. Compared with her husband, Fan Shaohuang, Jia Xiaochen is not as famous as her husband, but she is also an actress in the entertainment industry. Born in Jinan, Shandong Province in 1982, she is an actress, model and singer in mainland China.

Jia Xiaochen made his debut in 2002, when he was only 20 years old and participated in the film Golden Scissors. In the second year of her debut, Jia Xiaochen moved to Hong Kong and entered the entertainment industry in Hong Kong after being introduced by her friends. However, her development in Hong Kong was not smooth. She received a number of small roles and never found a masterpiece. The only gain was that she met her current husband, Fan Shaohuang.

It is well known that Fan Shaohuang was born as a “child star” and was 10 years older than Jia Xiaochen. Fan Shaohuang’s father was Fan Meisheng, a martial arts actor in Shao’s film industry. Under the influence of his father, he made the movie “The French Open Is Hard to Escape” at the age of 4.

Later, under the guidance of his father, Fan Shaohuang became a martial arts actor. At that time, Hong Kong films were dominated by kung fu films. Fan Shaohuang’s ability also had a place to play. When he grew up, he soon became a front-line student in Hong Kong’s entertainment industry.

Later, Fan Shaohuang also appeared in the “Xuzhu” in the “Eight Heavenly Dragons”, which later became popular in the mainland, and Fan Shaohuang also became popular in the mainland.

In 2012, Fan Shaohuang met Jia Xiaochen at a party. After falling in love with her at first sight, he pursued her fiercely and finally embraced her. But after exposing their love affair, Fan Shaohuang was suddenly exposed to the rumor that he had a son from unmarried parents, which made Jia Xiaochen a “third party” between them for a while.

It turned out that Fan Shaohuang had a girlfriend named Chen Shaoxia before. She was a plain person, not Chen Shaoxia, who played the role of “Shuang’er” in The Deer Tripod.

The two have been in love for many years, but their love has been opposed by Fan Shaohuang’s father. Even if Chen Shaoxia gave birth to a son and a daughter for him, he could not marry into the Fan family.

According to Fan Shaohuang’s cousin, Chen Shaoxia is not good to Fan Shaohuang’s mother. She often makes trouble out of nothing and squeezes the elderly’s pension. Finally, Fan Shaohuang couldn’t bear his mother’s suffering, so he decided to break up with Chen Shaoxia.

However, after the two broke up, they were still connected. Fan Shaohuang was photographed spending the night at Chen Shaoxia’s house. When asked by a reporter, he responded that he “slept on the sofa at night”. Not only was he unclear with his ex girlfriend, but Fan Shaohuang was also exposed to have a girlfriend in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, which seemed to coincide with Jia Xiaochen’s love timeline. Unexpectedly, Jia Xiaochen is not only a junior but also a senior.

After learning this news, Jia Xiaochen cried when responding to Fan Shaohuang’s scandal, saying that he was under great pressure and was not in a good state of mind.

But even so, Jia Xiaochen still chose to forgive Fan Shaohuang, and did not break up with him. In 2015, they registered for marriage. Jia Xiaochen later called himself a “love brain”. Is that what he said?

But at that time, Fan Shaohuang had become a famous “scum man” in Hong Kong’s entertainment industry. All of Jia Xiaochen’s friends were trying to persuade her to break up. Even her boss Chen Baixiang had tried to persuade her many times, but she still stood beside her boyfriend. Finally, Chen Baixiang was so angry that he broke the contract with her, which broke her career development in Hong Kong.

After this incident, Fan Shaohuang and Jia Xiaochen could not get along in the Hong Kong circle, so they moved to the mainland for development. Although Fan Shaohuang is very popular in the mainland, he has already missed the golden opportunity and can only make a living by shooting some online dramas. However, there are many good and bad online dramas. Later, Fan Shaohuang was also rated as the “king of bad films”. His representative works in the mainland are still in the period of “empty bamboo”.

Jia Xiaochen and Fan Shaohuang welcomed a daughter in 2015 and gave birth to a second daughter in 2020. Jia Xiaochen often shows pictures of a family of four on his microblog, and his daughter’s high face value is also rated as the “second generation of the most beautiful stars”.

Now Jia Xiaochen is a housewife, and the burden of supporting the family is on Fan Shaohuang. In addition, he has to raise a son and a daughter born to his former girlfriend Chen Shaoxia. It’s really stressful to support four children. Fan Shaohuang, who is 50 years old this year, is very difficult to pick up martial arts scenes. In order to make money, he will pick up whatever activities he wants.

In addition, he also sent an article saying that he would participate in this year’s CCTV Spring Festival Gala. Are you looking forward to his program? (Written by Jing Feng/Xiaoma)

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