original Many countries restrict the entry of Chinese people. The United States has two purposes: to make China disorderly and let the United States share the profits of dry goods

Former title: Many countries restrict the entry of Chinese people. The United States has two purposes: to make China disorderly and the United States profitable

Since China liberalized its epidemic measures, the voice of the western media has undergone a major change. In the previous prevention and control, China was accused of “going against the global trend”, or this control measure was accused of “affecting the world economy”; Now that the policy has been released, the western media have come again to accuse China of failing to fight the epidemic, discredit the mutant strains, and even impose entry restrictions on China. Recently, China announced the optimization of the epidemic prevention policy for personnel exchanges between China and foreign countries. However, at this time, the United States took the lead in announcing restrictive measures against Chinese passengers, requiring compulsory provision of nucleic acid certification and isolation measures. As soon as the United States took the lead, several countries, including Japan, South Korea, India and Italy, also immediately followed. How can these countries improve their own situation? The announcement of restrictions on the entry of Chinese tourists was purely disgusting. For example, at the end of November, Japan also expressed its hope that China would relax its epidemic prevention measures. At the end of December, Japan announced that it would strengthen its epidemic prevention measures for entering China. What has changed their attitude so much in just one month?

At present, the world, especially the western countries, have long been flat. The purpose of these individual countries following the United States to specifically impose entry restrictions on China is obvious enough. They certainly do not want to fight against the epidemic. They do not care about the epidemic situation. They care about whether you are in disorder. If you mess up, their goal will be achieved. This is just the beginning. The so-called “China is about to collapse” in the West has begun to get noisy again. Why does the West led by the United States always pay special attention to the Chinese epidemic?

Not long ago, White House National Security Committee spokesman Kirby said that the United States would provide anti epidemic assistance to China if China needed it. At the beginning of the epidemic, the United States promised to provide China with 100 million dollars in anti epidemic funds, but did not see a penny. What is the so-called “aid” of the United States this time? We all know that the so-called “special drugs” and COVID-19 vaccine of American pharmaceutical companies are all looking at the huge market in China, and one by one they wish we had an accident. Recently, there have been too many people advocating the so-called “effective medicine” in the United States, and American experts even threatened that China would have a “COVID-19 disaster” if it did not buy American vaccines. The demons and ghosts have been running rampant for several months, and finally they have begun to see their doom.

Many people have guessed this story for a long time. At the beginning, various rhythmic online armies vigorously promoted the so-called “coexistence” on Chinese social media, making China give up “dynamic reset”. This goal has been achieved. At this stage, the US and European media continue to demonize China’s open policy, such as the recent statement that “China’s huge infection base generates new strains” advocated by Fauci. Next, if there is a new virus strain, it will just fall on their lips. The United States can take the opportunity to play up the hype and call on all countries to block Chinese flights, strictly control the entry of Chinese passengers, goods and other targeted measures, thus weakening China’s position in the global supply chain. Even if we use our worst intentions to speculate about Americans, you will feel naive when you know the truth. To sum up, the United States has only two purposes: to make China disorderly and make the United States profitable. Now that China has liberalized its measures, does the United States think it has win thoroughly? This is completely a copy of the “China collapse theory” in the past. We don’t care what they do or say. As long as we keep developing internally, the Western conspiracy will not succeed. This is just the beginning of the battle. After the tide ebbs, we will know who is swimming naked. (A Dream)Go back to Sohu to see more

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