original The 052D destroyer suddenly appeared in the US backyard, revealing the secrets of the enemy in depth without taking the initiative

Former title: 052D destroyer suddenly appears in the backyard of the United States. If you don’t take the initiative, you will benefit the enemy

According to the news, the French Navy Pacific Command said that during a patrol recently, a French navy reconnaissance aircraft found a Chinese navy destroyer in the central South Pacific Ocean. It is understood that the warship is a 052D destroyer of the Chinese Navy, belonging to the 9th Detachment of Navy Destroyers in the Southern Theater of the Chinese Navy. It suddenly appeared in the South Pacific Ocean, 11000 kilometers away from Chinese Mainland, and attracted the attention of the outside world, especially the American media. You know, since the end of World War II, the US military has basically regarded many key islands in the South Pacific Ocean as its own “territory”, either leased or directly occupied. Therefore, there are many US military bases in the South Pacific. After occupying these islands, the Americans began to covertly transform these islands. No one knows what has been transformed or deployed. Now the Chinese destroyers suddenly appear near the South Pacific, which makes the United States particularly nervous. After all, it is afraid that some of its plots will be discovered.

Of course, as early as the signing of the Strategic Cooperation Agreement between China and Solomon Islands, the United States has been very uneasy. Therefore, the United Australia has not seldom tried to stop the cooperation between China and Solomon Islands. However, despite the hype, the United States and Australia failed to achieve their goal of “driving China out”. The South Pacific has always been the backyard of the United States. This time, the French reconnaissance aircraft found a Chinese destroyer in the exclusive economic zone of Polynesia, which undoubtedly made the United States more nervous. When will the PLA be able to “sail freely” in the South Pacific? It is worth mentioning that Polynesia is very close to Hawaii, and the United States often conducts important military activities in the region, including ballistic missile defense system testing. There is no doubt that the appearance of the 052D destroyer in the waters near the South Pacific is a great shock to the United States and other western countries, which means that China can also set its own nails in the South Pacific region and develop its maritime strength.

The whole Pacific Rim is really large. With the growing hostility of the United States to China, it can be said that if today’s China does not take the initiative, it will be cheaper for the enemy. What’s more, the United States has been relying on their powerful naval fleet, relying on their naval bases all over the world, trying to regard the South Pacific as its own inland lake. So this time, the Chinese navy refused. In fact, judging from the current layout of China, this is the “third punch” that China has taken the initiative to attack and targeted the United States, but this time it was the French reconnaissance aircraft that first found something wrong. Prior to this, the Chinese and Russian armies had held the “Maritime Joint – 2022” military exercise in the East China Sea. Immediately after that, the Liaoning warship led the aircraft carrier battle group to appear in the Miyako Strait and conduct the actual military exercise around Okinawa. The United States was afraid of Sino Russian interaction, and the Liaoning warship appeared in Okinawa. You should know that Okinawa is an important military base for the US military in Japan. Can the US not worry about it?

But then again, although we are a little close to Okinawa in the high seas, the United States has no way to deal with us in the normal training and exercises. In a word, this invisible threat is enough to make the United States unable to sit still. Now, with the sudden appearance of the 052D destroyer in the U.S. backyard, from the perspective of the United States, this is another strong signal. As long as China’s warships are properly equipped and supply ships and destroyers are added, we can also travel far, which is not to say that we just walk around at home. The ocean voyage of the 052D destroyer, to put it bluntly, opens a window for us. With the increase of the number of Chinese naval ships, the combat effectiveness of the Chinese navy is getting stronger and stronger. In the future, the cruising of warships in the South Pacific will only be normalized. The Chinese navy is not an “otaku”. Now we are telling the fact to the United States and other western countries with practical actions. (Duola)

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