According to US media, Warriors will get Bamba through trade

Life is weird for big men in the modern NBA. For a long time, they were seen as going extinct.

The death of the 5 was a narrative many pundits ran with for a long time.

Recently, it’s been proven to be patently false. Nikola Jokic is the league’s back-to-back MVP, and Joel Embiid is always in that conversation.

Apparently, the league will always have a place for very tall people.

LATEST NBA NEWS & TRADE RUMORS: Mo Bamba, Orlando Magic & Golden State Warriors Updates

Still, their value is in flux. If you’re not a star big, you may struggle to find your way. Just look at Mo Bamba of the Orlando Magic, and James Wiseman of the Golden State Warriors.

The transaction details are as follows:

Orlando Magic Receive: C James Wiseman

Golden State Warriors Receive: C Mo Bamba

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