Marca: After signing Ronaldo, the next goal of Kaiyun Sports Riyadh is to sign Demos in summer. Is that OK?

According to Marca, after signing Ronaldo, Al-Nassr FC also targeted Ramos, the current Paris Saint Germain defender and former Real Madrid captain. It is reported that they are interested in signing the Spanish veteran in the summer.


According to reports, as early as the beginning of this season, with the joining of coach Rudy Garcia, goalkeeper Ospina and Spanish Alvaro Gonzalez and other important personnel, the senior management of this Saudi club has already indicated their intention. Then this winter, the joining of Cristiano Ronaldo shocked the world. Then they did not intend to stop their steps. According to the Marca newspaper, they also targeted the former Real Madrid teammate Ramos of Ronaldo.

The signing of Cristiano Ronaldo will not only have a positive impact on the club, but also serve as a rallying point and incentive for other players. Therefore, at least the Al-Nassr FC has begun to persuade those players who are at the end of their career but have set an example in European football to join the team. Ramos fully meets this condition, and the player himself already knows that the Saudi club is interested in him.

There is no doubt that they will provide Ramos with a big contract that pays well. The belief of the Al-Nassr FC executives is that they can get the affirmation of the former Real Madrid captain. However, in any case, the Saudi Club hopes to make an offer and sign a contract in the summer of 2023, rather than in the winter window in January.

In Saudi Arabia, people think Ramos is an important strategic player. Although he is not as brilliant as Ronaldo, he also has enough strength and can help the development of the Saudi football team.

It is reported that the defender does not intend to end his career after his contract with Paris Saint Germain expires (the contract between Ramos and Paris expires on June 30, 2023). He will listen to the French club first, and then listen to other offers. But he already knows that Al-Nassr FC is willing to offer a generous offer to facilitate his signing. What’s more, he has not closed his door to the Spanish national team.

The strategy of Al-Nassr FC is to gradually strengthen the team’s strength, improve the team’s strength, and always support Saudi Arabia’s desire to host the World Cup in 2030 or 2034. In fact, the agreement between the team and Cristiano Ronaldo may also contain provisions on image ambassadors.

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