0-7, Merlot duel, Cristiano defeated miserably! Manchester United’s youth training has been turned upside down. Fans: He told the truth when he left without looking back

Ronaldo and Manchester United have also had a very unpleasant time this season. Before leaving Manchester United, he directly denounced the Manchester United coach Teng Hach on TV. After Ronaldo left, Manchester United’s internal youth training camp did not pretend to have a direct confrontation with Ronaldo.


First of all, Rooney said in the program: “Although I like Cristiano, there is no doubt that Messi is the top player, and Cristiano is just a super shooter. Scholes said that Messi is stronger than Cristiana in an interview that year, and Ferguson also called to advise him.”. After this incident, the Manchester United Youth Training Team is now being interviewed on TV. The reporter asked them who you like more about Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi, and which player is the greatest. This interview was conducted in the Manchester United youth training. In fact, it has a great advantage for Ronaldo.


But the result was really unexpected. All the young players in the United youth training chose Messi. They thought Messi was the greater player, and the final vote was 0-7. None of the players chose Ronaldo. This sense of contrast also makes Ronaldo a little embarrassed, from his former team-mates and Manchester United youth players. All said that Messi was the greater player. The fans also exclaimed: “He left and told the truth. No one continued to take care of his feelings and praised him as better than Messi.”.


In fact, this result is not the first time, after Ronaldo left Real Madrid. Ramos, Cross and Modric all praised Messi as the best player in the world. Former Real Madrid team-mates have also changed their attitude towards Ronaldo. It seems that Messi, who is still the king of football, attracts more attention from fellow players. It is difficult for Ronaldo to get their recognition for his cake eating style.

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