Just for Wiggins? The NBA official revised the rules to prohibit “pushing” to canvass! Look quickly

Just for Wiggins? The NBA official revised the rules to prohibit “pushing” to canvass!

Recently, the NBA officially announced that in the next all-star voting, fans can only vote through the NBA’s official APP and official website, which makes the “push” method of soliciting votes last season a complete history. Many fans and media have speculated that the main reason why the NBA official forbids “push” canvassing is to restrict Wiggins’ selection.

Last season, because the Warriors were so popular, a large number of stars and public figures actively forwarded Twitter to solicit votes for Wiggins after the start of the All Star Game voting, which made Wiggins gain a lot of popularity and votes. Under such circumstances, because the number of votes for Wiggins was too high, Wiggins was finally selected into the All Star starting lineup. This is really hard to accept in the eyes of many fans and the media. After all, according to the overall performance of Wiggins last season, he was not qualified to be selected as an All Star starter.

Although Wiggins has become one of the core players of the Warriors last season, and has made enough contributions to the Warriors during the regular season, according to Wiggins’ performance at that time, he did not really play a convincing level. However, judging from the voting results at that time, Wiggins did have a clear advantage in the number of votes.

Even though the votes of fans only accounted for 50%, the popularity of Wiggins soared due to the canvassing of a large number of public figures. Even though a lot of votes were not won because of Wiggins’ performance, it really became the capital for Wiggins to be selected into the all-star debut. Therefore, for the fairness of the All Star selection, NBA officials are likely to prohibit the “push” method of canvassing votes, so that more players’ own performance will be used as the criteria for election.

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Some fans also expressed their dissatisfaction with this, because they believed that since Wiggins could obtain the number of votes from the fans, it has proved that Wiggins is popular enough. Under such circumstances, Wiggins should not be deprived of the qualification to be selected as an All Star starter. Even though Wiggins has once again taken the lead in the number of votes under the enthusiastic vote of many fans this season, he should also be recognized by the league.

What’s more, with Wiggins helping the Warriors win the championship last season, his overall strength has ushered in an obvious distillation. Therefore, even though he has suffered from some injury problems before, Wiggins is indeed qualified to be selected into the all-star team, and even has another impact on the starting team. Of course, all this is only due to people’s speculation. The NBA official did not disclose the reason for this change of rules, so fans do not need to worry too much about whether Wiggins has been targeted by the league.

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