Cool! Luo arrived in Saudi Arabia by 170 million private planes, and the president took Georgina with her five dolls

On January 3, it was reported that in the early morning of January 3, Beijing time, Portuguese striker Ronaldo and his family arrived in Riyadh, Saudi capital, by private plane, and were warmly welcomed by local small fans.

On the evening of January 2, the C Luo family took a private plane from Madrid to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and released the departure video in the social media.

Girlfriend Georgina also showed photos, wore a famous watch and bag, and took a private plane to Saudi Arabia with Luo.

Georgina was resplendent in jewels.

Show off your Hermes bag.

Matteo, the son of a dragon and a phoenix, grimaces mischievously.

Luo’s Gulfstream G200 jet cost 20 million pounds (about 170 million yuan) in 2015. He often takes this plane to and from his motherland Portugal and Britain. The G200 has produced only 250, with a top speed of 560 miles per hour (about 901 km/h).

There was a huge double bed on the plane, Georgina was lying on it, looking very comfortable, and her 5-year-old daughter Alana was jumping on it.

In the early morning of January 3, the private plane of the Luo family arrived in Riyadh.

Luo is carrying a LV bag, carrying large and small bags of luggage, and his girlfriend Georgina is holding her little daughter Bella with five children.

After the arrival of the Ronaldo family, the small fans of Al-Nassr FC Victory presented flowers, and Ronaldo had a happy group photo with the small ball fans.

The officials of the Al-Nassr FC Club wore turbans and shook hands with Ronaldo.

The president took a group photo with everyone smiling.

The official social account of Al-Nassr FC wrote: “Girls, gentlemen, goat Cristiano has come here! After conquering Europe, the new task of this idol superstar is to conquer Asia!”

Afterwards, the Luo family left the airport in the nanny car and went to the hotel.

According to the previous news, he is about to receive the second part of the physical examination and make an official appearance in Al-Nassr FC at 0:00 on January 4, Beijing time.

In response, netizens expressed that, “A month’s salary can buy a plane” “It’s really a long journey” “What a good plane to ride. It’s also to wear shoes to go to bed.” “Rogge has money to spend” “Two thousand airplanes, three thousand mansions, three thousand yachts” “Despite the beauty of Ronaldo, he has made a lot of efforts behind his back. Messi is a genius, and his talent is almost invincible. But Ronaldo is a poor boy who has come to this day by his own efforts, which is one of the reasons why I like Ronaldo.” “The King of Saudi Arabia drives to” Dominate Asia “” Ronaldo: No way, they give too much. ” “Life winner, 37 years old can get such a big work contract!” “These little fans are all noble children!”

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