NBA Synthesis: The Pacers Sink the Clippers, and Cheki Shots Down 51 Points. Recommended Wall Crack

Xinhua News Agency, Washington, December 31 – The 2022-2023 NBA regular season started many competitions on the 31st. The Indiana Pacers narrowly defeated the Los Angeles Clippers with 131:130 thanks to Harry Burton’s critical free throw. The Dallas Lone Ranger narrowly defeated the San Antonio Spurs with 126:125, ushering in six consecutive victories.

The Clippers did not attack in the first quarter, while the walkers blossomed at many points and quickly established a double-digit lead. Then George and Leonard, the “double stars” of the two clippers, came out to lead the team to chase the points. However, the offensive momentum of the walkers continued, and the two sides began a tug of war. At the critical moment of the last quarter, Halliburton continuously broke through and scored to help the Pacers finally lock in the victory.

In the whole game, the Clippers scored 45 points from 15 of 25 shots and Leonard contributed 24 points. Walkers Turner scored 34 points, Harry Burton contributed 24 points, and sent out 10 assists and 4 steals at the same time.

The lone ranger star Dong Qiqi scored high on the same day. In the contest with the Spurs, Dongqi scored 51 points from 18 of 29 shots. In the first quarter, Dongqi scored 22 points. Since then, the Spurs have kept chasing points, but the lone ranger has kept ahead. At the end of the quarter, the Spurs launched a wave of 18:7 offensive climax, which made the game suspense. However, the Spurs missed the counter super ball at the second reading stage, and then failed to hit the equalized penalty shot. Finally, they overcame the Spurs alone, ushering in six consecutive victories.

In other games of the day, the Nets beat the Hornets 123-106; The Knicks defeated the Rockets 108:88; Knights narrowly defeated bulls at 103:102; Piston 116: 104; 76 people took the thunder lightly at 115:96; Pelicans lost to grizzly bears at 101:116; The Heat beat the Jazz 126:123.

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