1-0! For the first time in 17 years, Ronaldo has been substituted for three times in a row. Netizens are saying that 37 years old should accept rotation. It’s unbelievable

Age is not a limit for footballers, but a way to overcome and break through. In the early morning of the second day, Ronaldo, who is 37 years old, rarely sat on the bench of Manchester United, watching the team lead 1-0 at half time. He is eager to play, but still needs to wait for the coach’s instructions. In the 67th minute of the second half, Ronaldo got up to warm up for the second time, replaced his teammate Sancho, and kept moving in the middle, waiting for his teammate to pass the ball at the right time.

Since then, when Ronaldo got the ball as he wanted, he accelerated. Endidi quickly ran to the front of Ronaldo to defend. Ronaldo’s arm pushed slightly. Endidi fell off balance and the referee whistled. He blew Ronaldo’s push. Ronaldo bowed his head and smiled bitterly. Later, Leicester City’s wingers and midfielders cooperated with each other to pour the ball back and forth, so that Ronaldo kept rushing back and forth to consume his physical strength.

In the 76th minute, Manchester United were still passing the ball around with their opponents. Ronaldo had few chances to touch the ball. As long as the ball was passed near him, two or four of the opponents would immediately go to bag Ronaldo. It was almost airtight, making Ronaldo’s skills impossible to perform. In the 81st minute, Leicester City Gate put the ball in front of him, but he did not act. He spent time slowly, and only when he saw Cristiano Ronaldo go to the counter attack did he kick out.

In the 83rd minute, Ronaldo kicked the ball in front of the goal with high difficulty, hit the goal directly from an exquisite angle, and the ball flew off the right column. Ronaldo’s ball was of high quality, just a little unlucky, and the opponent’s interference was too strong. Later, Vardi fought back and made the opponent fall to the ground. The referee called him for a foul. Vardi was furious when he felt that he had just shoveled at the ball, but his communication attitude was poor. He yelled at the referee at the first time and danced, so he got a yellow card.

In the last two minutes of stoppage time, the Leicester City team gritted its teeth and insisted, but its physical strength was almost exhausted. The players forced the ball to hit the goal and kick it away. Later, Justin unconsciously wanted to shoot, but he could not run any more. His consciousness began to wander. It was rare to kick the ball off, nearly 3 meters above the beam. The ball flew straight to the fan area. Leicester City wasted two good opportunities to shoot in a short time. Finally, United beat Leicester City, the vice squad leader of the English Premier League 1-0, The ranking has risen to No. 5, while Ronaldo has made three consecutive substitutions for the first time in 17 years. Some fans think that “Ronaldo is 37 years old and needs to accept rotation. How nice it was to go to Manchester City”… Messi, who is as famous as Ronaldo, almost started all the matches in Paris, while Ronaldo rarely makes consecutive substitutions. The answer given by the Manchester United coach Tenghach is: Lashford, Sancho and Varane have performed well before, so they intend to continue to use them, There are a lot of matches behind, and others have the opportunity to start.

In fact, Teng Hach has kept Cristiano Ronaldo as a substitute to reserve strength and prepare for a strong team. In the next game of Manchester United, Teng Hach will probably let Cristiano Ronaldo start, because Manchester United will play against the top ranked Arsenal in the Premier League on the night of September 4. Since the league, Arsenal have won all five matches, never lost, and left Manchester City, Tottenham, Chelsea and Manchester United behind with 15 points, If United want to score points or even win in this team, they must let Cristiano Ronaldo play.

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