Cristiano Ronaldo won a great victory. FIFA admitted mistakes. Does Cristiano Ronaldo still have advantages

The Argentina team led by Messi successfully won the World Cup in Qatar. After winning the supreme honor in football, Messi was considered by many to be the GOAT (the best in history), but Cristiano Ronaldo and his supporters obviously would not accept it, and FIFA’s attitude towards this is very thought-provoking.

After the Qatar World Cup final, FIFA wrote on the social media: “The GOAT battle is over, and the world championship trophy is now in Messi’s collection room.” The picture shows Messi holding the World Cup in his left hand and the best player trophy in the final in his right hand. In fact, Messi also won the Golden Globe Award in this World Cup.

The “final conclusion” of FIFA immediately caused an uproar. Numerous fans of Ronaldo left messages in the comment area of FIFA, expressing strong opposition to this. They believed that it was inappropriate for FIFA, as the authoritative governing body of international football, to do so. Such non “entity” titles should not be assessed by such a serious organization.

Ronaldo’s fans also believe that it is impossible to decide who is the best player in history. Although Messi has won the World Cup, his career has not ended for both him and Ronaldo, and there are still many possibilities. In particular, Cristiano Ronaldo, who has always been full of fighting spirit, will continue to fight because the current low ebb and frustration are only temporary.

FIFA also recognized its mistakes, and they may also feel that this is very inappropriate, so under the words and words of angry netizens, FIFA deleted the article and the accompanying pictures! This is like taking back what he said before. Messi is not the best in history!

The fans of Ronaldo are very excited. This is another great victory that their idol has won. Although it is off the court, it is still significant. It is an important inspiration for Ronaldo and his fans, and also makes Ronaldo more confident to devote himself to the future career.

Let’s talk about the future of Ronaldo. Although the Saudi team Al-Nassr FC has been frequently linked with Ronaldo recently, Ronaldo has not given up the possibility of playing in Europe. The vice chairman of the German Bundesliga team Frankfurt revealed in an interview that representatives of Ronaldo had met with them, and the two sides had some talks, but no agreement had been reached.

Why does Ronaldo want to join Frankfurt? Because this team is qualified for the Champions League, which is the biggest goal of Cristiano Ronaldo. He also wants to expand his advantage against Messi in the Champions League and open the gap with Messi by scoring more goals in the first game of the Champions League. However, it is not easy for Ronaldo.

Because the teams qualified for the Champions League will face a lot of position competition among the players in the team, especially the players on the offensive line. Cristiano Ronaldo has no age advantage, but his experience and shooting ability are still top, and he still has a lot of competitiveness.

To say the least, if Ronaldo cannot stay in the top European league to play football, it is also a good choice to go to the Saudi League. On the one hand, it can ensure a high level of income. On the other hand, it is also a great honor to win the Asian Championship. He is also qualified to compete for the title of the best player in history.

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