“Zero audience” can’t bear to look back! The China Football Association Cup was billed to the fans all over the country, and the hardcore fans welcomed the “should see it all” unexpectedly

The original title: “Zero audience” can’t bear to look back! The China Football Association Cup was billed to fans all over the country, and diehard fans welcomed the “should see everything”

On January 4 and 5, the quarter finals (fourth round) of Yanjing Beer 2022 China Football Association Cup will be held in Suzhou, which is a two round elimination match. The organizing committee of the event recently announced that the game will sell tickets to the national and even global audience. After being restricted by the epidemic prevention and control policy for three years, the Chinese football stadium stands will be fully normalized for the first time in history.

Obey the overall situation of epidemic prevention, and clear the spectators in the stands for two years

From dynamic zero clearing to continuous optimization, the adjustment of epidemic prevention and control policies is also reflected in the stands of Chinese football matches. For two consecutive years, the stands of the Chinese football stadium “have always been zero spectators, and the Chinese Super League once adopted a closed competition. The situation of the China Football Association Cup is similar.

In the final of the China Football Association Cup in 2021, Shandong Taishan and Shanghai Haigang will compete for the championship. The match will be held on the professional football field of Chengdu Fenghuangshan Sports Park. Originally, it was planned to open the stands, but only for real name ticket sales to fans in Chengdu, not for public ticket sales to fans in other provinces and cities. In addition, all spectators need to conduct two nucleic acid tests within three days (72 hours), with an interval of more than 24 hours. It is also recommended that fans complete the whole process of vaccination.

Even though such strict epidemic prevention measures are planned to be implemented, the relevant parties still decided that the final of the Football Association Cup in 2021 would be held in an empty court. Even so, many diehard fans from Shandong Taishan and Shanghai Harbor still come to Chengdu. They couldn’t get into the court and cheered outside. Outsiders may not understand why they should go again if they cannot score goals? But perhaps this is another obsession of Chinese fans, “closer to you (the team).”

In 2020, the Chinese Super League will often be held in a totally closed state, and the practice of zero audience will be adopted for a long time. In 2021, the CSL will be closed for more than 100 days, the CSL will be closed for more than 200 days, and the grandstand will be basically empty. There is a famous saying in the football circle: “Without fans, football is nothing.” Some Chinese Super League players also sighed: “Without fans supporting us in the stands, we always feel that there is something missing when we play football.”

Implement the home and away system, and limit the number of fans on site

In the 2022 season, the Chinese football team will make concerted efforts to promote the home away system. Even so, the number of spectators and the source of fans are still limited. Only local fans in the city where the home team is located can go to the site to watch the match. At the same time, preconditions such as not leaving the city for 7 days and being negative for nucleic acid twice are also required.

Recently, the official of the Chinese Football Association sent a message to thank Dalian for its strong support for the 2022 Chinese Professional League. The letter of thanks expresses: “As a famous’ football city ‘, Dalian always has a high sense of responsibility and mission for the football cause. Faced with the complex situation of epidemic prevention and control and the overall environment of football at a low ebb in the country, under the circumstances that other cities have given up undertaking the work, the Dalian Municipal Party Committee and the Dalian Municipal Government insist on enlarging the pattern and taking the initiative to serve the overall situation, and resolutely undertake the 2022 season of the Chinese Super League, Chinese First Class, Chinese First Class, Chinese Second Class, Chinese Champions League, Football Association Cup and young people Almost all national football events, such as the annual championship. “

In 2022, Dalian Football will stand up to the tide. The Chinese Football Association said: “After the CSL resumed its home and away match system, Dalian District took the lead in realizing the goal of” league returning to the city “and” fans returning to the field “, which effectively ignited the passion of the city, effectively aroused the people’s love for football and hope for recovery, played a prominent role in setting an example and leading the CSL, and demonstrated the charm and value of the” football city “!”

Illustration: In September 2020, the Dalian competition area opened 1500 seats for the representatives of the two teams in the Guangzhou Derby.

On August 6, Dalian people’s home court of the Chinese Super League drew 1-1 with Shanghai Haigang. This was the first match that fans could enter the stadium to watch since the Chinese Super League resumed its home away match system. It was also 979 days later that the Chinese Super League fans once again entered their real home stadium to watch the match. More than 15000 Dalian fans entered Puwan Stadium in this game. On the main stadium, many Dalian fans dressed in uniform cheered and shouted rhythmically. In addition, the fans also displayed the huge TIFO of “Xie Hui playing under pressure” on the grandstand, and the hot atmosphere of the stadium is worthy of the reputation of Dalian Football City.

Even so, there are still many restrictions on the home court of Dalian People’s Team. For example, the total amount of tickets sold does not exceed 50%. For example, people diagnosed with confirmed cases, suspected cases or asymptomatic infections within half a year are not allowed to enter the stadium. For example, fans with an epidemic situation in their community 10 days before the match are not allowed to watch the match. For example, fans of the visiting team need to go to Dalian collectively and stay in the hotel designated by the host of the home court area. For example, the host of the home court area provides point-to-point pickup for visiting fans to watch the match and departure. In addition, all fans must hold a nucleic acid negative report within 48 hours when entering the stadium. In the 2021 season, even if the Chinese Super League resumes the home away system, all competition areas will obey the overall situation of epidemic prevention and will still take restrictive measures against fans entering the stadium.

50 yuan for a ticket, to recover the original passion of football

On December 31, the Chinese Super League ended, leaving only the China Football Association Cup. At the beginning of the new year, the quarter finals (fourth round) to the final of Yanjing Beer 2022 China Football Association Cup will be held in Suzhou from January 4 to January 15, 2023. The quarter finals will be a double round elimination competition, and the semi-finals and finals will be a single round elimination competition.

At 18:00 on December 31, 2022, tickets for the quarter finals will be officially sold. With the optimization of the national prevention and control policy, the biggest attraction of the ticket issuance of the China Football Association Cup is that there are basically no requirements on the source of fans, vaccines and nucleic acids in the stands. As long as you want to watch the ball, you can buy tickets online and have a good time. In terms of ticket prices, the quarter finals are divided into 50 yuan, 80 yuan and 160 yuan, which should be said to be very user-friendly.

According to the official ticket purchase and match watching requirements of the China Football Association Cup, any fan who goes to Suzhou to watch the match can watch as long as he wants. The feeling of watching the game is like going back to three years ago. There are no requirements on nucleic acid and region in the relevant ticket purchase requirements, but the only two restrictions are: alcoholics and those with disheveled clothes are not allowed to enter the site, and those whose temperature exceeds 37.3 ℃ are not allowed to enter the site.

Founded in 1956, the China Football Association Cup is the oldest football match in China and the highest level of elimination football cup for men’s football in China. At present, Shanghai Haigang, Shanghai Shenhua, Shandong Taishan, Wuhan, Zhejiang, Cangzhou Lions, Chengdu Rongcheng and Jinan Xingzhou have been promoted to the top eight. Theoretically, Haigang and Shenhua are expected to meet in the final.

In addition, Zhejiang Team has performed well this season, and may also meet Shanghai Harbour Team in the semi-finals. The Football Association Cup will be held in Suzhou. It takes only 30 minutes for Shanghai fans to reach the stadium by bullet train, and only one hour for Hangzhou fans to travel. Not surprisingly, the crowded stands of the CFA Cup will return to normal after being “dynamically cleared” for two consecutive years. Hard core football fans who really love football are expected to achieve the goal of “seeing everything you can” and enjoy it.

Hu Yunhao, president of the Shanghai Sirius Star Trek Association, said, “The last time we watched the football game, it was in Suzhou in 2021, and the number of people was not large. This year’s Football Association Cup was basically open to fans, and our fans were also very enthusiastic about signing up. Of course, fans hope to stay with the team all the time, and they also expect Shanghai Harbour Team to achieve good results in the Football Association Cup. Of course, we are more looking forward to returning to Pudong Football Stadium next year, which is the real home.”Go back to Sohu to see more

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