original Türkiye is no longer hiding. It not only imitates the J-20, but also builds five generations of aircraft, but it is far behind? I can’t believe it

Original title: Türkiye has gone out of hiding. It not only imitates the J-20, but also builds five generations of aircraft, but it is still far behind?

As we all know, Türkiye, as a member of NATO, has a strong industrial base, is also one of the world’s emerging economies, and is also one of the fastest growing countries in the world, which has prompted Türkiye to have a great ambition all the time and want to vigorously improve its military strength.

Especially in the field of advanced fighters, Türkiye has always had great ambitions, hoping to accelerate the pace of catching up with China, the United States and Russia and develop advanced fighters.

Just like before, Türkiye has built a “Red Apple” UAV to “imitate” the Chinese J-20 fighter, and Türkiye’s “Red Apple” UAV is really “like” the Chinese J-20 fighter in appearance.

It is reported that the “Red Apple” UAV built by Türkiye not only has supersonic performance, but also has a certain degree of stealth shape, so as to play a significant role.

In addition, some analysts said that Türkiye’s “Red Apple” UAV might be Türkiye’s attempt to build a five generation aircraft, but recently Türkiye seems to have gone out of hiding and directly chose to show off, and Türkiye’s five generation aircraft plan was also exposed.

According to the news, before the official debut of Türkiye’s first self-made fighter TF-X, relevant images were exposed, and this shooting location was on the final assembly line of Türkiye’s aerospace industry.

The news also pointed out that Türkiye’s TF-X 5th generation aircraft will be officially released in 2023, and its first flight will be achieved in 2024. Türkiye’s TF-X fighter aircraft may remain in service until the 2070s. In addition, it can also achieve interoperability with F-16 fighters.

In addition, although Türkiye’s TF-X V is a multi-purpose fighter, it is specially designed for air to air roles. At the same time, it can also take into account air to ground missions and can play a considerable role.

In addition, the flight speed of Türkiye TF-X fighter can reach Mach 2, and the operational radius can reach more than 1000 meters. It can also carry the “Meteor” beyond visual range air-to-air missile in the internal missile compartment.

From this point of view, Türkiye’s TF-X fighter is a good fighter. Even the president of Türkiye’s aerospace industry said that their focus is not only on Türkiye’s market, but even for NATO, Türkiye’s TF-X fighter is a fighter with excellent performance.

However, based on the current situation, Türkiye still needs to be “poured cold water”. Because of the “conflict” between Türkiye and the United States, Türkiye is blocked in the development of the TF-X fifth generation aircraft, and the United States no longer provides advanced engines for Türkiye.

Although Türkiye’s TF-X prototype plans to temporarily use the F-16 fighter engine to overcome the crisis, this is not a long-term solution, and the engine problem will also become a major problem on Türkiye’s R&D path.

In addition, there are still some gaps in the performance of Türkiye’s TF-X fighter against the advanced five generation fighter, which also leads to Türkiye’s TF-X fighter, even if it is in service, has no advantage over the five generation fighter from China, the United States and Russia in air combat, or even falls behind.

Not only that, when Türkiye was concentrating on developing the TF-X fighter, it had already fallen behind by a large margin, and China had begun to develop six generations of fighter. Previously, Türkiye “clamored” to surpass China in the development of fighter, and even “imitate” the J-20 fighter. But now, due to the big problems in the development of the five generations of fighter, Türkiye can only “ask for nothing”.

Whether Türkiye can build TF-X fighter is still unknown, which will also bring great challenges to Türkiye’s military industry. We can only wait and see. (Following the wind)Go back to Sohu to see more

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