NBA | Jokic won’t let Dongqi lead the league center in triple doubles for the 85th time

At noon on January 2, Beijing time, the NBA regular season ushered in a big game, that is, the Denver Nuggets vs. Celtics in the top battle between the East and the West. At home in Denver, the Nuggets defeated the Greens 123 to 111 with Nicola Jokic’s 30 point triple double, ending their opponents’ four consecutive victories. Although the Celtics double scout Tatum and Jay Brown got 55 points together, due to the mutual dispersion of firepower among teammates, Tatum was inferior to Jokic in personal data, and the Serbian star continued to lead the opponent in the MVP list.

Jokiki won’t let Doncheki alone. Recently, the two major basketball stars in Eastern Europe have been shining in the regular season, while the lone ranger Luca Doncic is always scoring 50+and 60+points in a single game and triple doubles, which still overshadows the “Teacher Yue” Jokic, who, of course, is unwilling to let this trend continue. He must show something to prove and maintain his position. After all, he is the MVP winner of the regular season for two consecutive seasons. This game is also the first battle between the East and the West. The Celtics and Denver ranked first in the East and West respectively. Winning this extremely important game can more reflect their value.

Moreover, on the MVP selection list of this season’s regular season, Jokic and the Celtics’ Tatum have been engaged in a fierce competition. The latest list has just been released, Jokic will surpass Tatum to the first place. “Teacher Yue” must further widen the data gap on the list through direct dialogue with direct competitors.

The Nuggets played very well in the first half. Jokic handed over a data sheet of 20 points, 5 rebounds and 4 assists, showing his dominance. In the third quarter, after Nuggets’ leading edge reached double figures, “Teacher Yue” took a rest to accumulate strength. There was an accident on the court in the decisive section. Maybe it was a complicated problem, or the field staff was not prepared enough. After the problem occurred on one side of the basket, the staff took nearly 40 minutes to repair the basket. At this time, we can see Jokic’s dedication. While other players were chatting and waiting for the game to recover, Jokic kept turning back and running to warm up to keep his body warm. Such a player deserves his MVP title.

After the game resumed, Jokic came on again, completed his triple double data and led the team to win easily. In this game, Jokic hit 10 goals after making 13 shots in 32 minutes, got 30 points, grabbed 12 rebounds and sent out 12 assists. What’s more, he made no mistakes in the whole game, which was really efficient. Tatum also played well, scoring 25 points, 7 rebounds and 6 assists. However, since the Celtics were the loser, and teammate Jay Brown had taken away a lot of Tatum’s offensive power, Jokic was obviously better, both in terms of personal data and team confrontation.

Jokic scored a triple double for the ninth time this season, overtaking Doncic and ranking first in the triple double table this season. Jokic has won the triple double for the fifth time in the last eight games, which is also the 85th time in his career, making him the best center in the league history.

Article/Liu Ailin, reporter of Beijing Youth Daily

Edited by Zhang Yingchuan

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